Top 5 initiation skills in the game?

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User Info: BrokeMyMonitor

5 years ago#31
No love for singed ghostultflip?

Good luck stopping him with like 55% tenacity and 600 movespeed.
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User Info: hawkeye2188

5 years ago#32
Malphite Ult or Amumu ult
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User Info: Kotetsu534

5 years ago#33
I actually spectated a ranked (featured) match where the Malph/Ori/Lulu combo was successfully executed. The team was way behind and still lost, but it did result in a won teamfight. There was a lot of chat in /all about it afterward.
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User Info: Alakazam_fan

5 years ago#34
steamwr4p posted...
Grab. Doesn't get any safer or better than that.

Pull a Malphite.

Totally safe.

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User Info: Yordle

5 years ago#35
Mal ult
Galio ult
Amumu Q and ult
A caught Soraka with heal
Kat ult with Zhonya's and while fed
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User Info: Dark_Luna3

5 years ago#36
I like how Sej's arguably single great aspect (R+E) is not even acknowledged in this topic.


User Info: Darkemaste

5 years ago#37
I just realized something; I despise the concept of Eve being grabbed and knocked up.
Wheres her lawsuit ability? *calls executive Mundo*

Sorry, I just couldn't resist. :p
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User Info: Covenant

5 years ago#38
gilligan999 posted...
It may not be THE number one but i don‘t understand how galio ult is on no one‘s list at all.

There are at least five initiation abilities that are about as good and do not require Flash to use. Galio has to Flash or hope that the enemy team lets him walk into the middle of them and ult without somebody who has a stun or silence outranging it and interrupting it immediately.

Dark_Luna3 posted...
I like how Sej's arguably single great aspect (R+E) is not even acknowledged in this topic.


It isn't top 5, but it's still good.

I think Explosive Cask not being mentioned for so long is more shocking.

User Info: iiTryhard

5 years ago#39
Darkemaste posted...
Always Flash, ffs I'm generally the only player I play with/against that doesn't have it yet in normal matchmaking. (lvl11)

But seriously, as generally someone who is inherently squishy I actually do worry about amumu's grab+curse and blitz's rocket grab. Though I also hate getting tossed/knocked back towards the enemy , more specifically from Volibear's Rolling Thunder. (can't always outrun it even with Eve)

Yes, I would consider Volibear's rolling thunder a darn good initiator and imo it's much more practical than a grab; only very few champions can outrun a Volibear with +45% MS and it's basically an auto-attacking grab that tosses them towards the rest of the team and/or a turret that is immediately followed-up by a slow.
(I guess it counts as more of a re-initiator though) :p

At any rate, you can count that once I hit 12 I'm going to flash+ravage unsuspecting players with Eve from inside my passive invisibility range. GG trying to out run me when Dark Frenzy's passive is maxed and I can activate it for even 50% more speed on top of that.

Or instead of wasting flash on that you could DFG > Ult > QQQQQEQQQQQQQEQQQQQEQQQQQ and win
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User Info: Blocktopus

5 years ago#40
Infinite duress no doubt about it
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