Top 5 initiation skills in the game?

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User Info: Covenant

4 years ago#51
phantasmplus posted...
Galio + enemy Blitz.

Thanks for the gap closer STUPID. Then you bring down the hammer.

Then he Power Fists you out of your ult immediately.

User Info: Zeroisahero

4 years ago#52
ashe arrow #1 anyone who says anything else is a liar

User Info: plasmatic5

4 years ago#53
It really depends on what kind of team you're running. If you are running an aoe comp, then you'll want Amumu ult, Sona ult, Leona Ult, Ori Ult, Galio Ult, Malphite Ult, etc. Big AoE ults that have good cc to keep the enemy there.

If you're running more of a poke comp where you are probably better with the single target, Skarner ult and Urgot ults are great initates because they can bring someone from the back to the front (much harder to do as Blitz) and then you can use your single target abilites on that person.

Also Ashe Arrow is much better as a follow up to an initiation than an initiation itself. If the AD and AP Carries are behind 2 or 3 bruisers, it's much harder to land it on prime targets. So unless one of those two bruisers is severely out of position, you don't want to fire your ult. You could easily miss or hit some very tanky person who won't even care about the stun. However, if Amumu can land his ult on everyone, Ashe can get into a position to land a good arrow. Honestly, compare a good Ashe to a bad Ashe and at the start of the fight or right before the start, the bad Ashe will fire her arrow at anyone that moves. The good Ashe will save the arrow for an opportune time.
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User Info: aryanbrar

4 years ago#54
cho gath rupture, crazy aoe damage, knockup and a slow. yes please

User Info: Tro77Tro

4 years ago#55
From: CheeseOmen | #030
Has anybody tried a Malphite, Orianna, and Lulu team comp? I am sure its has been done but I have never seen it and it seems beyond OP. Malph charges in for the first knockup, then Lulu uses her ult to knock everybody up again, and then Orianna's ult for a third "knockup". That has the potential to lock up an entire team for about 5 seconds and seems like an easy way to win every team fight.

Lulu + MF bot, Malphite jungle, Orianna mid, Wukong top.

The rage was delicious but they surrendered too early.
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User Info: AgentReborn

4 years ago#56
Covenant posted...
gilligan999 posted...
It may not be THE number one but i don‘t understand how galio ult is on no one‘s list at all.

There are at least five initiation abilities that are about as good and do not require Flash to use. Galio has to Flash or hope that the enemy team lets him walk into the middle of them and ult without somebody who has a stun or silence outranging it and interrupting it immediately.

Dark_Luna3 posted...
I like how Sej's arguably single great aspect (R+E) is not even acknowledged in this topic.


It isn't top 5, but it's still good.

I think Explosive Cask not being mentioned for so long is more shocking.

So does any initiation that requires a flash (Morg, Galio, Alistar) automatically not make top 5?

Vlad ult is underrated as well, imo

User Info: BurnumMaster

4 years ago#57
Rocket Grab - Very safe and low cd initiate
Unstoppable Force - Good range, speed, and has the best kind of CC
Shadow Dash - Good because of the aoe taunt it has, and how it can be used from his ult
Bandage Toss - Good range and stun and it sets up his obvious terror ult
Dark Binding - Landing this is usually lethal and is a good way to set up Morgana's ult in a tf.

User Info: SirDanieI

4 years ago#58
Rocket jump
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User Info: Belligero

4 years ago#59
1. Rocket Grab
2. Unstoppable Force
3. Explosive Cask
4. Soul Shackles
5. Enchanted Crystal Arrow/Glacial Prison (tied in my opinion; they're situational)

This is taking into account only the skills themselves and not being combined with other skill and champions.
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