Lack of Sword + Shield champs

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User Info: _Yag_

4 years ago#11
anilEhilated posted...
Link is not an archetype, he's a cardboard cutout that somehow fooled the world into thinking he's a character.

speaking of cardboard, a cardboard cutout of link could kick your *** any day on the playground.
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User Info: reaver89

4 years ago#12
Blocktopus posted...
I'd rather have a champion that uses a whip chain.

Do you mean like Ghost rider or like Renji and Ivy?

User Info: angermngment101

4 years ago#13
poppy got hammer + shield.

User Info: Aphoristic

4 years ago#14
Blocktopus posted...
I'd rather have a champion that uses a whip chain.

I bet you all the money that the next champion after Nami is a whip user.
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User Info: KirynTheCleric

4 years ago#15
I want a champ that uses chakrams as weapons. She would be both melee and ranged, every third auto becoming a ranged attack where she throws one of her two chakrams and it comes back to her. She would have pink glowy glass looking transparent wings and she would call upon divine aid.

Passive: Klutz - She sometimes falls down, different effects for what she falls on (ie, if she falls on one of the bases' walls, she'd knock a hole in it that people can traverse, if she falls on an enemy champion, she "steals" from them, or in this case just gains a bit of money out of nowhere).

Q: Para Ball - She throws two pink spiky balls that bounce in a straight line, summoning a lightning strike on each bounce.

W: Holy Song - She summons divine aid that boosts her and nearby allies' attack and defense.

E: Whirlwind Rush - She charges forward, dealing damage in a straight line and then at the end she spins doing damage in a circle.

R: Judgement - She summons divine aid do smite her enemies, raining beams of light down randomly (like GP's ult) in a large area around her, foes hit take large amounts of damage.

Riot pls.
"And at what point did you decide to stay on the forums? I don't get that mentality but some people don't have better things to do." - Nofoundation
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