There are no champions...

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User Info: OmfgitsBlah

4 years ago#21
centurion911 posted...
OmfgitsBlah posted...
DeadpooL7 posted...
OmfgitsBlah posted...

On a somewhat related note, Imagine a champion who, upon being hit by something, would be immune to that source of damage until hit by someone else. (Towers, laser excepted.) Ultimate duelist. Could make him pretty weak to balance, of course.

Would be so OP. Take him in lane against anyone and he cant lose lane. He can literally free farm and get kills a t will since most people dont have a mix of damage to be able to hurt him. They would have to cower until someone else came to double team him.

Who doesn't have a mix of damage? I'm just curious.

Fiora, Jarvan, AD carries, Dot based casters, anyone who has only 1 magical damage source, or any combo based casters would be screwed against him. Super OP and terrible idea

Jarvan? Really? q, e, r, magic damage from auto-attacks.

Most ADCs have some sort of skills. Why would combo-based casters be screwed?
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User Info: Wreck-It_Ralph

4 years ago#22
Add Udyr as a Champ who has a non-existant Ultimate like Karma.
I'm gonna wreck it!

User Info: T-Viral-X

4 years ago#23
I was going to say that was pretty deep, TC. Then you had text in your post...
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