Diana- Super OP or is it just me??

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User Info: Walker_Real

4 years ago#1
No really is it just me or is she Super OP. Rhymerhymerymageddon.

So, I play AP jungles pretty often and I just can't do as well as I do with Diana. Here's the thing, I hardly even enjoy her... I mean I really like Eve find her more fun because shes more than a simple combo.... I don't know....

I'm pretty sure I've won around 10 Diana games with zero losses....

Then again with Eve I've probably 5/5 won with Eve too but no where near as crushing...

Is Diana ridiculous OP or am I just good with her? She does this in every game right? I fought another one and owned her but that's because she was mid so as jungle it was really up to me who won it

User Info: batman3k5

4 years ago#2
She is op
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User Info: POkemon_PoWeR

4 years ago#3
Released - OP
Nerfed - No one played her
People found out she hard stomps Kat - OP
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User Info: myg0t_stk

4 years ago#4
she really needs her ult range to be adjusted.

User Info: dotsdfe

4 years ago#5
Slightly OP, but not so much so that she needs a nerf.
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User Info: Walker_Real

4 years ago#6
How! She's just gross in ganks it's unreal!

Like I go 0-2 as her by dunksohard and then I still can make comebacks have like 15-3 games and stuff...

It's annoying because I feel less powerful as other champions, I guess.

User Info: ahovbiw

4 years ago#7
I usually beat Diana with Orianna. The main problem when laning against Diana is that she eventually gets so tanky it becomes hard to burst her in one combo.

User Info: Chielz0r

4 years ago#8
She is fine, it's just a fad to call her OP.

User Info: Ravid182

4 years ago#9
She is a very underrated jungler

User Info: a5ny5

4 years ago#10
she becomes tanky from building damage. op rito pls nerf
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  3. Diana- Super OP or is it just me??

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