How is karma "worst champion in the game"

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User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#11
Still Heimerdinger.
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User Info: dennis941012

4 years ago#12
Voidgolem posted...
Still Heimerdinger.

I miss his glorious days :<
he was more annoying then teemo
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User Info: SumSmartDoood

4 years ago#13
I got a penta as Karma the other day.

She's a monster.

User Info: FvP

4 years ago#14
I would love to play her, if only they didn't take her out of the free week rotation
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User Info: silent_loud

4 years ago#15
Karma is good but here is what she suffers: she is too much of a hybrid and doesn't offer enough to make up for being a hybrid (AP Utility champions). If you look at the other "hybrid" AP champions like Zilean, Zyra, Lux or Orianna, what they all have in common is that:

1. VERY safe way to harass
2. Low or ways to lower cooldown
3. Game changing ultimates

Karma is a great champion but in order for her to deal damage, she NEEDS to be up close bringing her in danger (even if she uses a mantra'ed shield burst, she will still need to come up close to dish out damage). On top of that, she just lacks that "umph!" that other AP utility champions bring. Zyra and Ori have ults that can change a team fight to their favor and Zilean can give your adc or bruiser another life!

I think what they need to do is either give her another mantra charge or make it so that her mantra tether has a hard CC attached to it like a silence.

User Info: tigre_punk

4 years ago#16
Just because a champion is good doesn't mean they'll win lane. Similarly, just because a champion is bad doesn't mean they'll lose lane.

Any character can sound OP when you list all their assets without mentioning their drawbacks. Obviously there was more to this game than Karma being a crazy good champion. Karma can farm really well, but she has a lot of issues with doing damage in teamfights, something important for an AP carry. That doesn't make much difference if the opposing team has poor co-ordination, though. I'm guessing your team didn't teamfight very well.

Karma, like all champions, can be played well or poorly. When people say that she is the worst champion, it doesn't mean that she will go 0/10 every game. It simply means that all other champions viable for whatever role are a better choice than her. A skilled player will be able to beat an unskilled player with any champion.

tl;dr any champion can win games in solo queue, so you're better off not focusing on who is and isn't a strong champion, and just getting better.
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#17
Too much support to be a good mid, not enough support to be a good support.
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User Info: EltoniaX

4 years ago#18
xD_Yuffiez posted...

why play karma when you can play kat and smash your face on the keyboard, or play trynd and macro R then go afk

I hate it when people conflate complexity with difficulty.

Trynd might be a simple champion but due to the fact that melee ad carries are pretty crap in league, he's difficult to play at a skillful level.
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User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#19
I own everyone in Normals with Karma, but in Ranked I've tried a few times but failed miserably every game. She's good if the enemy team doesn't know what they're doing, but against a competent team there's not much she can really do.
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