Smurf world is like an alternate reality

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User Info: Equalism

4 years ago#1
Mid seems to be one of the most popular roles, yet in smurf world no one wants mid everyone wants adc. What is this?

User Info: MakJuss

4 years ago#2
Because there something called "cooldown" and "lifesteal"

I was once smurfing with Master Yi , my team all newb and enemy got 3 smurf. They use Cho'Gath , Teemo and Kassadin. Early level Kass and Teemo owned my team and start trash talking on /all , I barely survive with BT and PD against them. Then I buy Mallet and GA making me too tanky for them too handle. I got Quadra + mid Inhibitor and then they surrender because we got baron.

Ultra smurf using carry > 3 mediocre smurf using AP

User Info: Enclosure

4 years ago#3
Smurfing is hilarious sometimes too.
Had someone i know go on a smurf account and play karthus for his first time ever.
At one point, he went bot to gank a talon. he brought talon low, then turned off aura and requiem'ed for a kill on a different lane, but his last Q just barely missed the talon. So now hes at like 300 health channeling ult with a talon at ~50 health hitting on him. But hilariously, the talon did nothing but autoattack and couldnt kill karth before ult went off and he got a double kill.
I laughed my ass off at how hard it looked like the two of them were trying to throw that fight.

User Info: Dragonslash

4 years ago#4
Smurfing is a terrible world.
Within the first 5 games you are no longer smurfing and are placed in a high elo zone where only people that have played the game as much as you do exist.
This world is a world where everyone thinks they are better than everyone. At level 30, everyone will play a role that the team needs, while smurfing everyone thinks they are the best in the world and will carry the team as long as they get a specific role. Everyone instalocks and talks mad crap all the time. Trolling and afks are common occurances in smurfworld because afterall... it's only a smurf account.
Smurfworld is a place you need to keep your mouth shut too. Say something and expect everyone to immediately hate you regardless of reason and validity. Everyone also, in fact, does hate you. You're a massive detriment to the community as a whole. Smurfs make people not want to play PvP, which is the heart of LoL. This is why LoL has smurf detection... but it's not always perfect.
Don't go to smurfworld.
My code 3694 9741 2596
Nick= WooDo

User Info: Kirbix

4 years ago#5
It's because an ADC can hard-carry a team of baddies against a smurf who decides to use a mid champ. ADCs are unstoppable if built right when you're playing against a team that's got 3 or 4 really bad opponents. They'll feed you all day.
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