Missed IPL5

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User Info: notanoob74

4 years ago#21
Well doublelift got a penta vs 2 teams, those were pretty intense, and an unofficial penta vs m5.

so clgNA games were pretty good, considering they didn't take over an hour like EUs
not a noob since 2003

User Info: Crazy_slot

4 years ago#22
VeeVees posted...
clg vs we is so overrated. it's just a stalemate caused by we deciding to bd nexus tower instead of cleaning up inhibs. there were some actions but most of that did nothing to change the state of the game.

clg eu winning almost all the team fights but having their inhibs open most of the time
and we turning it to their favor with constant rengar backdoor and 1 decisive team fight
whats not good about the match? best match ever easily

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