Why is Shen almost always banned in ranked?

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  3. Why is Shen almost always banned in ranked?

User Info: KarmicDragon1

5 years ago#1
Is it because of his ult?
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User Info: random_blah

5 years ago#2
no it's his Q

User Info: InfiniteFSora

5 years ago#3
Global presence is very irritating to deal with, both in the laning phase when he can turn a won duel into a 2v1/3v2, and in mid-late game when he can freely split push.
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User Info: FatherRussia

5 years ago#4
He has an AOE disable and after he hits 6 you literally can not duel anyone unless you know his ult is on CD. Late game he split pushes as well as anyone in the game and that is also rough to deal with.

It doesn't help that he is an incredibly safe top lane and jungle, there are not really any match ups that he gets dominated in, since his Q keeps him so safe while farming straight from the time he puts his first point in it, and he has some built in sustain.

He is one of the characters that is just very hard to shut down, even an underfarmed shen is scary because he is just going to be there in every fight, and his late game is superb once he gets there.

I mean, short answer is that ult, but he is such a hard guy to completely shut down, it isn't like with TF or Nocturne where they can be taken out of the game if they don't get their farm.

User Info: Wyrmcraft

5 years ago#5
He has a global anti-gank or gank, is easier to play than twisted fate, does well in the toplane, figure it out.
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  3. Why is Shen almost always banned in ranked?

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