Diana nerf?

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User Info: BabySh0es

4 years ago#21
capgamer posted...
natewei posted...
Everything about her is stupid. What exactly is her weakness.

Same as Kassadin:

She's melee but her melee damage is poor. She does have a passive but it sucks unless you have some attack speed.

except unlike kassadin she isn't useless in most match ups pre 6, is tankier, and has lower mana costs

User Info: Skyscraper101

4 years ago#22
Nerf her base health and base shield, boom she is fine. She has a lot of damage, which is fine when she has to take a big risk to do it. But being as tanky as she is? There is no more risk. She is OP.

User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#23
She's well-balanced in the jungle.

but unfortunately pretty damn broken as a mid or top.
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User Info: Movolo

4 years ago#24
She's my favourite mid, and not because of her strength but because she's really fun to play.

A nerf would suck but I'm not totally surprised, she wreaks at 6.
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User Info: SirDanieI

4 years ago#25
I do like how before this tourney there were a bunch of people, who were calling people who called Diana Op, noobs.
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