C/D You would be happy if flash was removed.

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User Info: SoIldSnlvy

4 years ago#51
albinorhino004 posted...
I love it, everything in this community is troll this or troll that.

This is the same company who thought a second string commentator on a no traffic site (yes wcreplays) was a good choice for their front man and community coordinator.
Coming from hon and dota, this game was horribly imbalanced from day one. No surprise there, guinsoo's dota was easily the worst.

I'm not disputing league's success, it is the biggest gaming success since what... Star craft? I'm saying the game has a lot fundamentally wrong with it. Only a side effect of the casualization of a game that was basically perfect for its time.

and if anyone denies we're playing a platform aimed at making money off its user base.... Except unlike many games there isnt a limit on what a player can spend, and if you think riot doesn't capitalize on people paying for rights to use pixels then.....

First of all, to disprove the claim that all 6300s are naturally more OP than cheaper champions, I'll group them with 4800's for the sake of it, also most of this is my opinions but the majority will agree with this:

UP = This champion needs buffs really badly
Outclassed = This champion isn't UP, but doesn't fit the meta well or is outclassed in their role
Balanced = No changes should be made to this champion whatsoever
Strong = Used frequently in tourneys, but not OP, just popular to use
OP = This champion needs nerfs really badly

Kha'Zix - Balanced
Lee Sin - Strong
Leona - Balanced
Lulu - Balanced
Graves - Strong
Hecarim - Balanced
Jayce - Balanced
Brand -Outclassed
Ahri - Balanced
Ezreal - Strong
Draven - Balanced
Elise - Balanced
Darius - Balanced
Diana - Strong
Fizz - Outclassed
Fiora - UP
Skarner - Strong
Shyvana - Balanced
Riven - Balanced
Rengar - Strong
Sejuani - Balanced
Nocturne - Balanced
Nautilus - Balanced, maybe outclassed
Renekton - Balanced
Varus - Outclassed
Talon - Outclassed
Syndra - UP
Volibear - Outclassed
Vladimir - Balanced
Wukong - Balanced
Vayne - Strong
Viktor - Outclassed
Yorick - Balanced
Xerath - Balanced
Ziggs - UP
Zed - Balanced
Zyra - Strong
Trundle - UP
Orianna - OP
Rumble - Balanced
Swain - Balanced
Miss Fortune - Balanced
Maokai - Strong
Malzahar - UP
Kog'Maw - Strong
Kennen - Balanced
Jarvan IV - Balanced
Irelia - Strong
Caitlyn - Balanced
Cassiopeia - Balanced
Galio - Balanced

One overpowered champion, in my opinion, a dozen and a half strong picks and a dozen outclassed / UP champions. 450s / 1350s:

Soraka - Balanced
Nunu - OP
Poppy - Outclassed
Sivir - Balanced
Ashe - Eh, Ashe is an odd case but i'll say Balanced
Garen - Outclassed
Ryze - Balanced
Master Yi - Outclassed
Annie - Outclassed
Kayle - Balanced
Twisted Fate - Strong
Veigar - Balanced
Tryndamere - Outclassed
Warwick - Balanced
Zilean - Balanced
Sion - UP
Singed - Strong
Nasus - Outclassed
Morgana - Balanced
Amumu - OP
Evelynn - Strong
Dr. Mundo - (too) Strong (for you)
Fiddlesticks - Balanced
Cho'Gath - Strong
Alistar - Balanced
Malphite - Strong
Janna - Balanced
Jax - Strong
Taric - Strong
Teemo - KILL HIM
Tristana - Balanced

Oh look, it's about the same. If the champions are of similar strength no matter what, then it can't be pay to win no matter what the marketing strategy. Runes are the only advantage and they can't be bought with RP, so no pay to win, but it still makes better money than DOTA or HON.
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4 years ago#52
C i never use flash
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User Info: OwlRammer

4 years ago#53
From: GENEC1DE | #003

So annoying. I main Jarvan. Ult onto someone with my wall, flashes out, waste of ult.

Too bad Jarvanivs ult is lower cooldown than flash.
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User Info: Sid_Icarus

4 years ago#54
D. It would make non-jungle/non-champ with built in flash players take less risks now that they have no escape/initiation/followup plan and that just sounds outright boring
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User Info: TheSteelPhoenix

4 years ago#55
I say make the cooldown even longer. Like it IS necessary for balance, but people should have to think long and hard about using it.
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User Info: AgentReborn

4 years ago#56
I'd rather them make the CD even shorter.

User Info: FlameLord23

4 years ago#57
This has nothing to do with rebalancing the game. It's whether or not you hate flash.

D. I hate flash, but I like what it adds to the game. I was thinking about what would happen if there were no summoner spells (just 4 champion abilities) and the game gets so much more in depth with that added element. Flash is ultimately used by 9/10 players in any game (occasionally a jungler won't take it, or a top laner) so it's almost an expected thing.
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User Info: Xelltrix

4 years ago#58
From: FlameLord23 | Posted: 12/3/2012 9:03:23 PM | #057
This has nothing to do with rebalancing the game. It's whether or not you hate flash.

It's whether or not you'd be happy if it was removed and only someone with no foresight or game knowledge would be happy if that happened.
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User Info: GetHighAndPlay

4 years ago#59
Everyone doesnt use it. I run ghost on my Irelia top lane.

Also Flash is used just as much on the offensive as it is defensive.

Get out of jail free? not really you could always follow up with your own flash.

An item that lets you flash at someone, but then not away? sounds more unbalanced then just normal flash...with flash being balanced as is.
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