What online games other then league do you play?

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User Info: hypermoe

4 years ago#31
alcaPWNED212 posted...
hypermoe posted...
Cmputer game wise i play Maplestory, i have WoW (got it on sale for like 5$) and guild wars 2 but i barely play them.

Sell me guild wars 2

if you want I could provably arrange something. Not sure why I bought it though I mean I enjoyed Guild Wars 1, I guess I am jn that special/limited edition phase if I see a game I like and it has something like that I'll get it without thinking...
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User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#32
The odd spot of Monster Hunter, a little Torchlight 2 (singleplayer, tho).

Crappy ol' laptop doesn't run much, and my free time is at a premium.
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User Info: beedtracker

4 years ago#33
Torchlight 2
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User Info: icantfindname

4 years ago#34
used to play sc2.
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User Info: CBrate

4 years ago#35
Spiral Knights. http://youtu.be/P7OQRA2kDyE
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User Info: GForceDragon

4 years ago#36
icantfindname posted...
used to play sc2.

Also this.
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User Info: DualSword31

4 years ago#37
Final Fantasy XIV.

User Info: mattislegion

4 years ago#38
Various shooters on the 360. This is the only computer game I play.
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