Sales Dec 3rd

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User Info: zefig

5 years ago#1

Diana – 487 RP
Lulu – 487 RP
Nunu – 130 RP
Olaf – 487 RP
Ezreal – 487 RP

Dark Valkyrie Diana – 487 RP
Bittersweet Lulu – 487 RP
Demolisher Nunu – 487 RP
Glacial Olaf – 260 RP
Frosted Ezreal – 260 RP
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User Info: LimeInCoconut

5 years ago#2
Nerfs incoming

User Info: ninplayer

5 years ago#3
Ezreal and Diana were just recently on sale. I am not okay with this.

Oh well. Olaf and Lulu look fun so I'll probably pick them up.

User Info: mutation10101

5 years ago#4
Woot. I been waiting for Ez and Lulu to go on sale, and was thinking about picking up Olaf as well.
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User Info: Blocktopus

5 years ago#5
This is an awful sale except for Lulu I guess.

User Info: Frostshock

5 years ago#6
Best Ezreal skin on sale? Tempting...
It was his hat Mr. Krabs, HE WAS NUMBER ONE!
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User Info: Kuroth_Neidra

5 years ago#7

own all of them, don't play any of them often.

Oh well.
"How are you a vet if you can't fly and shoot laser beams? It just doesn't make any sense." -Raging_Placenta

User Info: Tro77Tro

5 years ago#8
Wow. And my next check was going to include Lulu and the Diana skin.

Good play, Riot. I'll buy whatever you want me to despite the incoming nerfs.
Fiora is mai waifu. :O
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User Info: BrokeMyMonitor

5 years ago#9
LimeInCoconut posted...
Nerfs incoming

my first thought too lol
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User Info: flyguy101

5 years ago#10
ninplayer posted...
Ezreal and Diana were just recently on sale. I am not okay with this..

This x1000! Seriously, all 3150 champs or champs on sale recently...except Lulu. Lulu is a fine sale.

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