so is taking CV such a bad thing?

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  3. so is taking CV such a bad thing?

User Info: Beech_tibs

4 years ago#1
I always pack soraka with CV becaus i need extra security while warding and i feel that it adds an element of secutrity to the whole team end game

i just got cursed at for 45 min in 1100 elo for not packing exhaust

called me a troll for taking CV, despite using it to catch people 3 times and preventing ganks on top lane/ our jungle 3 times....

am i crazy for thinking this was a little odd?
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User Info: aHappySacka

4 years ago#2
It's not a good a spell as it used to be, but if you're making it work then ignore the haters and keep on trucking.

That being said it does nothing if you get in a fight so...
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User Info: Rihawf

4 years ago#3
It isn't. You gotta be extra careful if taking that, but looking at your situation, it should be just ok.

People are just jumping on the bandwagon of "flash/exhaust or gtfo", they barely know CV.
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User Info: Ganon19

4 years ago#4
Nothing wrong with CV but now that Bot lane is more agressive it can put you at a disadvantage not having exhaust .
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User Info: I_HATE_HALO

4 years ago#5
It works great on supports that already pack good CC like Nunu and Zyra.

User Info: shrimp1992

4 years ago#6
Soraka is a pretty bad laner as it is. If you don't have exhaust on her then you really are forfeiting bot lane (assuming the enemy is smart enough to take advantage ). But in your crappy elo it really doesn't matter. If and when you progress you will realize why exhaust is better
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User Info: DeleveleD

4 years ago#7
Clairvoyance is not a bad summoner spell by any means, it's just that it's no longer a popular/staple pick by supports anymore, ever since all the nerfs to it and the support tree, along with how wards seem to do the job better, until someone with an Oracles or Vision comes along.

There's also the case of having too much to pick and not sure what to get problem.

Flash/CV? No Exhaust, which could have really helped win that last 2v2 you just lost.

Flash/Exhaust? Standard.

Exhaust/CV? No escape for when you get out of position or pulled/gap closed, etc. But I think it would be the best 2 spells for support if you really don't need Flash.
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User Info: Tucker4321

4 years ago#8
The reason this is taken because in a equal 2v2 fight if the other team has exhaust and you do not you will lose it.

CV has it's uses though so it is not bad, but during the laning phase exhaust proves to be pretty strong. Also late game if there is a champion that does a crazy amount of aoe damage like Kennan kat or fiddle that you cannot prevent from AOE'ing your team for some reason exhaust is pretty useful. Or just protecting the carry during a teamfight.

User Info: Sarick_Lyre

4 years ago#9
Exhaust. When empowered it lowers defences, auto attack damage by 70% and ability damage by 35% while slowing them by 40%. If used properly it basically can win the entire game.

CV. Getting a bit better in the next patch, but keep in mind vision denying has a severe nerf with the change to Oracles that it's still not absolutely relevant in comparison to wards. It's quite useful if your team is using it constantly or you have a personal need for it but if you're not making use of it and just like the idea of "being different" then you're making a bad choice.

Honestly right now most people I'd take CV on are people who can take teleport as an effective summoner. We're talking solo top Shen or AP mid Lux here. The former can coordinate jungle invades from top lane and join in at any time with his ultimate, the latter sometimes enjoys sniping people with her own ultimate.
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