Please explain to me why Teemo is more hated than Shaco.

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  3. Please explain to me why Teemo is more hated than Shaco.

User Info: Earthbound360

5 years ago#1
I detest that jester so much. As much as I dislike laning against Teemo on top lane, he just doesn't strike me as he ultimate annoyance in the game. Shaco is much worse, but doesn't get as much hate. As soon as the word "hate" and "champion" appear in the same topic on these boards, Teemo appears by default.

Shaco, unlike Teemo, affects EVERYONE immediately when the game starts. He's a jungler. Teemo is just going to irritate your top laner. Shaco affects your jungler, your mid, your bot, AND your top.

Secondly, Shaco is life threatening very early on, forcing extremely passive play. As annoying as Teemo's range is, it should NOT result in your dieing at level 2 if no one else is involved. Shaco ganking with red buff stealth can easily kill many laners early game. Shaco counter jungling is downright infuriating.

Speaking of stealth, they both have it, but you know who has a more annoying one? You guessed it. Shaco. His is much more practical and less obvious, better for escaping, and generally more irritating overall.

Now chasing them both is a bad idea, but Teemo is just MUCH easier to catch than Shaco. Teemo has a movement speed boost. Shaco has a stealth flash. So he can jump walls, juke, cover a longer space in a smaller amount of time, abd become untargetable for a good while. Oh, Teemo shrooms you say. I say Shaco boxes. Shaco boxes have more irritating CC as well IMO. A cloning ult and slowing projectile helps too.

Have I mentioned how hard it is to properly ward against a Shaco? He can dodge wards so easily, and even then he's got stealth. You'd probably need pinks. Teemo doesn't really apply this pressure. He just is hard to gank, but an oracle or pink ward can make it possible.

Did you know that he's annoying to have on your team as well? At least a good Teemo provides good map vision. Shacos force you and your teammates to pretty much play around him. Is Shaco fed? Teamfight, then when you're about to die/dead, he'll come in and clean up, taking the glory for himself. Is Shaco not fed? Everyone group up and turtle, for I am Shaco! I am the legendary hero that will backdoor our way to victory! Fun right?

And haven't you noticed that Shaco players tend to be ****s? I don't think I've ever run into a particularly obnoxious Teemo. Almost every Shaco I play against acts like they're the greatest thing since canned water.

I'm not crying OP or anything, I've fought enough Shacos in his FotM time (it was hell...) to know how to handle him, but I just wanna know why he doesn't get the hate he deserves for being annoying.
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User Info: TomorrowDog

5 years ago#2

When Shaco was really big everybody hated him. And while everyone acts like he isn't that big of a deal now after the nerfs, I think if he was being played as much as he was then a lot of hate would still be directed at him.
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User Info: Voidgolem

5 years ago#3
Shaco has somewhat less presence towards the end of the game, and if he sucks, he'll really suck.

Teemo, on the other hand, will invariably ruin your toplane and make just about everywhere a potential deathtrap with shrooms. Even if he sucks he can still do one of the two.
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User Info: CloudandYuffie

5 years ago#4
A Good shaco doesnt feed himself he gives all the kills to his team mates making it so his team will have a strong late game since shaco's late game isnt as helpful as It should be.

A Good shaco will also take exhaust instead of ignite to help his team get those kills

A Good shaco will also buy and place wards and other wise help out the support.

A Good shaco will also buy oracles early as to destroy the map awareness of the enemy team.

A Good shaco is not greedy and will use his annoying taunts and dance to piss off the enemy team.

A Good shaco will never take red or blue buff late game as it would make his R useless.

/end rant.
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User Info: TheSteelPhoenix

5 years ago#5
Teemo is annoying when played badly (even a bad teemo can still blind and throw random shrooms everywhere).

And he is absolutely beyond deadly when played correctly. He can go one on one with ANY bruiser or AD carry (or really anyone who relys on the auto attack). His shrooms start doing over a thousand damage. And he can get away from anything, which means he can backdoor or scout.

Also he is really cute! ^_^
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  3. Please explain to me why Teemo is more hated than Shaco.

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