Ranked is Annoying

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User Info: GamerAlex84

5 years ago#1
I just had a ranked game where the support went afk bottom at the start of the game for 5 minutes and the enemy adc got free farm due to harrass. Top, mid, and bot were feeding like crazy. The only kills our team made was because of me.

My current ranked score is 11 - 6 with 1286 elo because of teams like this. Somehow there was two ppl on my team with 1400 elo that sucked horribly and then our adc had a win loss ration of 4 - 11. How the heck can people suck that bad and have 1400 elo? They shouldn't even be in my category.

User Info: xRustySpoon

5 years ago#2
Don't do it man, making a topic on gamefaqs about elo hell is never the only way out. You've got so much to live for.
Get destroyed.
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User Info: TheSchref

5 years ago#3

Someone here linked this video a while ago. It explains "ELO Hell" pretty well.

User Info: Shiny_Pidgey

5 years ago#4
GamerAlex84 posted...
Top, mid, and bot were feeding like crazy.

Going by this, I'm assuming you were the jungler, and therefore, everything was your fault.

User Info: zefig

5 years ago#5

Anyway, I recently had a game where Jayce was d/c'd for the first 5 minutes, so as the jungler, I had to hold top against Teemo for the team. Then we won.
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