Preseason 3 patch notes

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User Info: Knight_Of_Order

5 years ago#1

Amid the turmoil and tumult of battle, there may be seeming disorder and yet no real disorder at all
Sun Tzu

User Info: EltoniaX

5 years ago#2
you have some extreme mental instability issues- Lmaokai
I'm a mobile fountain triangle!

User Info: Her_Paladin

5 years ago#3
EltoniaX posted...
This is my battle
This is my fight

User Info: Airsoftcomeback

5 years ago#4
From: EltoniaX | Posted: 12/3/2012 9:17:11 PM | #002
LOL IGN: Paintballreturns

User Info: WolfFog

5 years ago#5
Her_Paladin posted...
EltoniaX posted...

User Info: beedtracker

5 years ago#6
WolfFog posted...
Her_Paladin posted...
EltoniaX posted...
Halo4 is a gothamcityimpostors clone, which is not a good thing at all
Anarchy Reigns is coming for 30 bucks, get hype!

User Info: HighUlitma

5 years ago#7
Im waiting for something wrong to happen to the client.

User Info: T-Viral-X

5 years ago#8
Fixed a bug that causes projectile-based skillshots to not appear when fired out of the fog of war (ex: Nidalee spear)

[~N~] [3_D] [U_U] lol, sig
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User Info: Voidgolem

5 years ago#9
Now they just have to fix that way-off-in-the-lower-corner-load bug and the game'll be perfect, yah?
"Assume all cover will explode. And if it doesn't explode, expect aliens to throw grenades in order to fix that"

User Info: Calusblade

5 years ago#10
damn junglers got eatten alive
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Fei: That's simple. If I let them hit me, it might hurt. :)
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