I claim Nami is my waifu

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User Info: RetributionV2

4 years ago#11
>Not using meme arrows

User Info: FlameLord23

4 years ago#12
snowflake182 posted...
whoa, whoa, guys, calm down, you obviously have no idea how this is supposed to work, just be nice guys

Haha.... yeah girls like nice guys...

Sona, do you like nice guys?
Violence is never the answer.
Because the answer is always Vlad.

User Info: SpinAsbel

4 years ago#13
You guys are stupid. A waifu chooses you.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the monkey.

User Info: Dark_Anbu_Panda

4 years ago#14
BillbertGouki posted...
FlameLord23 posted...
reaver89 posted...
Edgemaster70000 posted...
More of this stupid waifu crap?

...That being said, she's mine and I'm not sharing.

Back the hell off my waifu.

i have a bigger wang than all you and im a sailor so obv shell love me more

of course she likes you more. you can help her pick out clothes

you know, because you're a sailor
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User Info: FlameLord23

4 years ago#15
I'm a ocean biologist. She loves me most.
Violence is never the answer.
Because the answer is always Vlad.

User Info: Blocktopus

4 years ago#16
This thread kills me inside.

User Info: EvilSakurai

4 years ago#17
Whoa, when did Billbert start posting on the LoL boards?
PSN:omegamarth. I play fighting games.
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User Info: Alakazam_fan

4 years ago#18
It's times like these I'm glad Elise is faithful to me <3

She's tired of all the losers flirting with her. She tells them to back off, but they can't resist her charm.

I guess that's the burden I have to bear :)
Don't stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top. Let the world see what you have got. Bring it all back to you.
~Elise is mai waifu~
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