Do you like the new shop?

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User Info: Klobzi

4 years ago#1
Do you like the new shop? - Results (95 votes)
48.42% (46 votes)
26.32% (25 votes)
25.26% (24 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Let's hear it, people.

User Info: DoctorEggman

4 years ago#2
Its great. I can find stuff really fast, and the consumables are always on the main shop page, making them fast to find and grab for quick base stops.
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User Info: HardcoreFtw

4 years ago#3
It just take some getting used to. At first it'll feel alien
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User Info: Big_Bovy

4 years ago#4
The old shop was horrendous. Certain items were awkward as hell to find. There was no way to check all of the options available for AP. They'd have to go..."oh, I need mana" before it. People literally had to memorize every item rather than being able to see what's available and they can make a decision from that.

I think that the recommended items are so much better. Before they were just to help noobs do okay. Best example is Manamune on Sivir. Makes people not use spell shield for the mana returns. The fact they show good offense/defense and core items is useful as well. It saves me hunting around a lot. There are still some noob traps (Triforce on Lee Sin...) but all in all a massive improvement.
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User Info: ineedaname88

4 years ago#5
I'm too used to my changed recommended item being in the top right and easily getting everything I needed and only needing to spend a second or 2 with the window open. I hate it, yes I might get used to it, but it sucks with it being less compact.

Any up to date programs for changing the recommended items? or should I have just gone to google first?
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User Info: Z-911-Z

4 years ago#6
It'll take some getting used to obviously, but I do really enjoy it's layout much more.
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User Info: Klobzi

4 years ago#7
Personally, I enjoy it a lot more as well. I like how everything is in one tab on the left now.

User Info: profDEADPOOL

4 years ago#8
Indifferent ATM. Will like it more once I can change the recommended items.
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User Info: Thalandor46

4 years ago#9
profDEADPOOL posted...
Indifferent ATM. Will like it more once I can change the recommended items.

Yeah, this. I'm glad they addressed some of the flaws with the old shop, but it's really gonna take off when the customization tools come out. I can't wait till I can modify more than 6 items and put them in my own categories.
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User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#10
Too hard to find stuff
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