Oh snap! IWillDominate got permabaned

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  3. Oh snap! IWillDominate got permabaned

User Info: Knight_Of_Order

5 years ago#1

Cant compete in the championship series for a whole year too.
Amid the turmoil and tumult of battle, there may be seeming disorder and yet no real disorder at all
Sun Tzu

User Info: xHaterade

5 years ago#2
this is crazy

riot games super srs
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User Info: xRustySpoon

5 years ago#3

kid got destroyed
Get destroyed.
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User Info: LaqOfInterest

5 years ago#4
gg riot
put another nail in dig's coffin
What are they going to do now that they don't have IWD loudly, passionately calling the shots? ;-;
"k, now spit on me and tell me i'm worthless." - XcaIIion
"hello i'm laqifunterest and you're watching dosney channel" - DarkestPanda

User Info: aHappySacka

5 years ago#5
What's the big deal? a loser on a no-name team got kicked out.
Kitty Kat --> /\_/\

User Info: EltoniaX

5 years ago#6
he got dominated

a loser on a no-name team got kicked out.

ur cool
you have some extreme mental instability issues- Lmaokai
I'm a mobile fountain triangle!

User Info: Alastreon

5 years ago#7
IGotDominated alt name
LoL IGN Alastronar
3DS FC 1762-2827-4556
Lmao Dignitas.

Shut the team down.
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I'm a TWSSted bastard.

User Info: Dark_Lydia

5 years ago#9
Everyone dies, just not all at once.

User Info: ikilledkenny2

5 years ago#10
lmao hilarious that pros actually rage in que
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  3. Oh snap! IWillDominate got permabaned

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