How is Wukong on season 3?

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User Info: g-cube_masta

4 years ago#11
From: thecrossnkight | #010
Enjoy one-shotting everything in the game with wukong.

assuming you have full stacks on people

also this calc is only while the debuff is active, it lasts 3 seconds after that you have to wait until you can Q them again.

In ideal situations where you're not kited yeah it looks crazy on paper, in actual practice it's strong but not unbelievable.

Plus Wukong was nerfed by the change to Vamp Scepter. With lane sustain being his biggest weakness having Vamp cost so much more and lifesteal across the board nerfed it makes his lane phase harder than it was vs. good harass champions.
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User Info: thecrossnkight

4 years ago#12
Put him mid.

Enemy mids can do nothing. E -> auto ->q takes out over half of most mids life. Repeat twice + ignite, free kill.

Who is going to kite wukong with a frozen mallet + ghostblade?

His E + ghostblade also makes him hit incredibly fast, so getting BC stacks isn't hard at all. Not that anything survives till BC gets max stacks anyway.

Edit: His Q is also on a 5s CD with no CDR. 40% CDR = 3s CD, his Q is 100% upkeepable.
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User Info: AC Unit

AC Unit
4 years ago#13
He's more fun now.
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