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User Info: michael_k1d

5 years ago#11
Yengeon posted...
From: Biglabron | #003
Just doesn't work like that, basic mechanics don't change all of a sudden.

These are my thoughts exactly.

Trying a new champ does not exempt you from blame of playing poorly. Sure you aren't used to the abilities or combos but the game remains the same. Play smart, build smart, and nothing too bad will happen to you even if you are on a new champ.

That's silly. You won't be playing at the same relative ELO skill level if you don't know the combos and synergies or most times even the builds. And yet people still try it out in ranked. Hell, even normals would be better, but honestly it should be a requirement to play at least one 5vAI beginner game with any champion you've never played before. Just the tip, just to see how it feels, you know?
My whole brain is crying!
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