I hate big patches. I always get paired with terrible teams afterwards.

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  3. I hate big patches. I always get paired with terrible teams afterwards.

User Info: Patrick52Willis

4 years ago#1
I don't know if it's bad luck or what but every time a big patch hits, it seems like all the 12-13 year olds are on. With there swearing and thinking that leaving a vowel out makes it not punishable, thinking that score matters and it's gg even when we're up to their base, wandering around leading to constant 4v5 and never listening.

smdh between this and the new interface I almost want to uninstall.
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User Info: King_Deadpool

4 years ago#2
Bad players are also always on your team where the other team seems to always make the perfect play and communicate. I just don't get it sometimes. Law of averages would say that it would flip for at least one game. I have been on a losing streak since the patch hit.

User Info: HighUlitma

4 years ago#3
Play with people who are good, befriend them, and queue with them to capitalize on terrible teams.

User Info: Chaotic Warrior

Chaotic Warrior
4 years ago#4
I've been on a losing streak since the season reset. Losing 52 games out of the 73 i've played so far. Just glad i've kept myself out of ranked after the horrible start out in season 2 after season 1 ended. Learned my lesson then but even back then normals were never this bad. This season tho its just all over the place bad.
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User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#5
So far I've seen two eves apparently not realize that DFG is hilariously overpowered again in favor of going Liandrys.

I won those games. Other games notsomuch.
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User Info: BrokeMyMonitor

4 years ago#6
Really? Because I've been on the team of golds and even a couple plats (currently silver elo myself) since patch
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User Info: SolKarellen

4 years ago#7
Okay, so I'm not the only one going on a losing streak today.

...then who's going these winning streaks?
"There'd come a time when life'd pull us apart. S'not a reason to avoid people."

User Info: AverageGatsby

4 years ago#8
I haven't won a single game tonight due to other lanes feeding uncontrollably and 1-2 disconnects a game.

9 loss streak here I come...

User Info: Lord Grahf

Lord Grahf
4 years ago#9
You're a terrible team.
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  3. I hate big patches. I always get paired with terrible teams afterwards.

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