Doublelift one of the best ADCs in league?

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User Info: Zeeak4444

5 years ago#31
_Anticlimactic_ posted...
TheSchref posted...
Sharzakenator posted...
kimbo slice was a good fighter. his mma record was 4-2. Did you see him fight tank abbot?

I don't know who Tank Abbot is, but I did see Kimbo Slice fight Houston Alexander and Houston ran around in circles for 10 minutes.

It was terrible. It honestly had to be fixed.... lol.

well it was MMA right?

let me guess, you think wrestling is real to?

Literally the dumbest post NA 2012.

By definition doing MMA at a gym is still MMA. Let me guess, gyms are fake too..

Must have got lucky that all my opponents were *fixed* to lose since no ones ever contacted me about fixing a match..
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User Info: MhkaMAth

5 years ago#32
OH S***!!



..... I am not a proud man. Free stuff!

User Info: CheezWhizX

5 years ago#33
Dragonfable101 posted...
CheezWhizX posted...
Raverbasher posted...
CheezWhizX posted...
FlameLord23 posted...
There is a strong lack of Aphromoo in this thread.

Don't get me wrong, he didn't do well this tourney, but he's a solo queue star for a reason. Had highest ELO last season for a reason.

Aphromoo is trash. Any pro can get to rank 1 ELO if they wanted to. Anyways, top 5 ADCs probably go:

1. WeiXiao
2. Bebe
3. Cpt. Jack
4. Doublelift
5. Pray

doublelift & pray are overrated. yellowpete and rekkles r better than both of them.

Rekkles has already stated that Doublelift is better mechanically than him, not to mention Rekkles losing lane vs. him and Loco every time they faced each.

Pray pretty much carried Najin Sword in their harder match-ups. He dueled Helios and Cpt. Jack and took them both down. Consider both of those players are easily Top 3 in the world at their role.

Yellowpete is one of the weaker links in CLG.EU. He was down over 100 CS vs. WeiXiao for god's sake. Not to mention he hasn't carried a single game since Euro Regionals.

It seems to be cool to hate on YellowPete these days.

And Rekkles/nRated has beaten the crap out of DoubleLoco several times in scrims.. there's even a vid of it.

Gimme a min.

Edit: Found it.

"Simply raped" pretty much covers it.

Scrims barely mean anything, especially Rekkles HAS STATED HIMSELF Doublelift is better mechanically. The fact Rekkles constantly lost vs. Chauster in the lane is worth more weight.
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User Info: ryudo500

5 years ago#34
one tinkg that even the koreans have said about him is that his mechanics are sup[erb. seems like hes legit.

who will be his next support ??? stay tuned

User Info: Ulala Rules

Ulala Rules
5 years ago#35
From: Sharzakenator | #029
the dude has a WINNING MMA RECORD
Nothing more needs be said.

Matt Serra was also a champion. Are you going to tell me he was great because of it?
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