A detailed evaluation of S3 items, both old and new.

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User Info: Xano1234

4 years ago#1
Please note that is purely my own opinion and observation. I have not even used some of these items yet, so some is purely speculation. I ask for your guidance in the new items to help decide what items are worth it now and what are not.

Old items first:

1. Phantom Dancer-New ability=Avoid Unit Collision. I only really find this useful if there are a large amount of creeps around that you need to run by. Usually by late game, you are killing the creeps so quick you shouldn't be running by them.

2. Zeke's Herald-New ability=Gives 20 attack damage instead of attack speed. I find it a lot better with the new attack damage switch. I can actually see supports or tanky/dps using it for a bit of extra damage and for helping the carry more.

3. Malady-New stats=15+10% of AP as magic damage. I find this buff to be potentially OP. After stacking 200-300+ AP, your auto attacks as a mage are going to start hurting. not to mention with spell vamp, you are essentially going to be giving yourself lifesteal. Won't be hitting as hard as ADC, but for once your AA's will be worth something.

4. Aegis of the Legion-New stats=Health regen instead of damage. This is the one defense item that I like the change to. The 8 damage on the old aegis was fairly negligible and did not really fit with the idea of a shield. The health regen is nice however, along with the other stats.

5. Sword of the Divine-I find this weapon to be potentially stupid late game. Once the carries have enough damage, they can get this and insta-kill the opposing carry or target of choice. Have yet to see it in game but I can imagine the burst it can do.

6. Avarice Blade-Can someone tell me if the Greed component is only for champion kills or if its for minion kills as well? If for minions, essentially a free TF passive.

7. Philosophers Stone-New stats=One of my favorite items early game pre-season, it was nerfed now. Instead of 15 hp it gives 7. It does however give you more mana now. I am not as fond of it as I used to be due to the HP nerf.

8. Vamp Scepter-New stats=Basically combining Long Sword and Vamp into 1 item with a 2% life steal nerf and a 35 gold less cost. I like this now simply for the fact that people don't buy vamp at level 1.

9. Boots of Swiftness-New stats=25% reduction of slows. I still don't see a huge reason to get this over Merc threads. The speed is faster, but mercs give 25 MR and give a Tenacity boost that will reduce all CC by 35%.

10. Eleisa's Miracle-New stats/function=I am really unsure how to feel about this item. It was extremely unpopular pre-S3, but it was one of my favorite items as support, as I could harass and exchange hits and regen health and mana and a huge rate. The health regen was nerfed by 15 and the mana regen by 5. The new thing however is that after 3 levels, you get these stats permenately. I have been using it on some champions, I am just unsure if the gold would be more useful elsewhere.

11. Dorin's Blade-New stats=5 health regain instead of life steal. A nerf. Much less than before, especially per hit. Doesn't scale with additional attack damage like life steal does.

12. Dorin's Shield-new stats=blocks 6 auto attack damage. I never used to get dorins shield, but I am going to start considering it now. With defensive masteries, you can reduce enemy AA's by 11. This is fairly significant as at level 1, every little bit of damage counts. Combine that with an early Ninja Tabi, and AA's are doing significantly less damage to you.

13. Black Cleaver-New stats=Health, armor pent, cooldown reduction. The black cleaver was not used a ton pre-S3. I find the new stats to be interesting, it is essentially a better Brutilizer. I find it to be more useful to AD casters, as attack speed was negligible to them, while being a potential side grade for ADC.
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User Info: Xano1234

4 years ago#2
14. Warmog's-new stats=FoN passive and no additional health. Gives more flat health right away, but will less ability to gain more. It's passive gives you an additional 15 hp/5 right off the bat for the 1000 hp you are getting. With a champions base health at 2000 and getting this item, you are increasing your hp/5 by 45 with 3000 health. They basically combined FoN and Warmogs into 1 item. Get some magic resist and you can easily counter Madreds Bloodrazor now.

15. Warden's Mail-new stats=no health regen, 100% chance to reduce attack speed. I find the new Warden's Mail interesting. Gives 50 armor, but I like the idea of the 20% attack speed. Basically a mini Frozen Heart now. I can see top champions doing great things with this now, as basically, attacking the enemy will debuff you by 20% while also giving your champion 50 armor to reduce damage.

16. Randuin's-new stats=More health, less armor, no health regen. Not too different than before. The difference being that the debuff is permanent. Unsure of which is better to get between this and Frozen Heart. This gives health, and an active. Frozen heart gives more armor, mana, cooldown reduction, and an aura debuff, so they are helping just by being there and not by being attacked. My thought is they will be situational.

17. Morrelonomicon-new passive=Grevious Wounds passive. A nerf or buff considering how you look at it. No longer can you put it on whenever you want, but at the same time, you don't have to worry about activating it, as it will do so automatically once their health hits a certain point.

18. Tiamat-added active-100% PBAoE damage. Still find this situational. No longer gives mana regen but gives higher health regen than most items in S3. Not sure if the range on the passive got expanded or not, but I only see this useful in team fights if you can survive long enough to make use of it.

19. Guisinoo's Rageblade-new passive=Gives attack speed, life steal, and spell vamp at less than 50% health. I find this to be an even more awesome item on hybrids now. Basically in fights where you are fighting for your life, that tiny boost to those stats can mean the difference between dying and coming out on top. I feel this item has higher potential now.

New items:

1. Shard of True Ice: +45 AP, 4g/10s, 6mp/5, Speed debuff. An interesting support item. I find the stats to be negligible unfortunately. 45 AP might boost some supports damage a tad, but the mana regen is small. The speed debuff looks interesting in helping chase enemies, but most supports have plenty of CC to do that already. I don't feel this will be a widely used item. The only nice thing is the gp/10.

2. Liandry's Torment: +200 HP, +70 AP, +15 MP, DOT. Another interesting item. I think it will be used fairly often. It gives everything a caster needs, magid pent, health, and AP, plus it allows casters to poke more while still doing damage thanks to the health burn. I can even see supports getting this to help with extra damage. Basically a AP version of Madreds.

3. Mikael's Crucible: 300 mana, +40 MR, +9mp/5, 1% MPregen missing, ally heal/clense. Basically a non-AP support version of Athene's Holy Grail. I feel this would be a lot more useful if you could get it early on and if it provided health. It can be a possible life-saver though, healing your target and cleansing them as well. I feel this combined with champs like Tyrn or other high-priority champs and you can wreck havoc.

4. Shtikk Shiv: +40% attackspeed, +20 Crit Chance, +6 movespeed, Ionic spark. I have yet to see this and see how fast the charge is stored, but it seems like a cheaper, slightly less stat phantom dancer. It has the ionic spark passive that if crit, I feel can do a huge amount of damage in team fights. Seems like a viable sidegrade for Phantom Dancer.
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User Info: Xano1234

4 years ago#3
5. Iceborn Gauntlet: +40 AP, +500 mana, +60 armor, +20 CD, sheen+slow. I feel this is going to be a staple item for supports, especially ones like Leona. Gives damage, CD, and armor, plus burst and a better slowdown than phage or frozen mallet. A bit pricey, but looks to be a great item late game.

6. Ravenous Hydra (Melee Only): +75 AD, +15 hp/5, +10 life steal, tiamat. Basically an upgrade to tiamat. I still find this a situational item. I feel like it can be rediculous in the hands of someone like Fiora, but the cost and stats leave it sub-par in my opinion. I see it as more of a suicide weapon. For example Master Yi activating it, ulting in, trying to do as much damage as possible, maybe killing 3-4 if they are bunched and then dying. Like I said, I don't know the range on it, so I don't know how viable it would be.

7. Mercurial Scimitar: +60 AD, 45 MR, quicksilver cleanse. For the price and the stats, I really see no reason to take this over the Maw of Malmortius. Maw costs less and gives more damage and a very helpful shield.

8. Ohmwrecker: +350 HP, + 300 mana, + 55 armor, Tower shutdown. I basically look at this as an armor/offensive version of Banshees. It gives all the same stats as banshees except gives armor instead of MR and gives no shield, but lets you deactivate towers. Can be extremely helpful in certain situations, but I feel the shield of Banshees is more helpful.

9. Twin Shadows: +50 AP, +30 MR, +5 MS, Slow/reveal. This is like an AP assassin's dream. Gives damage, some resistance, movement speed, and allows you to slow your prey to a halt. I feel this item is going to be a staple on AP assassins, allowing them to be even better at their job.

10. Muramana: Consume 3% of mana for single target spells to do double damage. Considering how few people get Manamune, I feel this will not be a widely used weapon unless people rush it, and I feel people would do better to put gold into other items. The idea sounds good, and the double damage would offer great burst, but I feel it's only something that would be effective late game or if you have a really spammy character with high attack speed.

11. Runanns Hurricane: +70 attack speed. 10+50% of AD to 2 nearby targets. Although VERY pricey, I feel this is more viable than Ravenous Hydra? Why? It allows the ADC to attack their tank, while also doing damage to the enemies behind him. If theres a tank standing between you and the ADC and you can't get to him, you can still do a lot of damage even with half of it if its high enough as an adc. ADC are suppose to be in the back doing as much damage as possible anyway and this just helps them stay protected.

12. Zephyr: +20 Attack Damage, +50% attack speed, +10% crit chance, +10% CD. Tenacity. Given the price of this item, I feel it is not really worth it. It is like the pre-S3 cloak and dagger but much more costly. You could probably spend your money on better items.

13. Runic Bulwark: + 400 HP, +20(10) armor, +30(30) MR, +10hp/5. Aegis was already one of the most cost effective items in the game. It gave great stats for not being too pricey. Runic Bulwark upgrades those already great stats giving a tank everything he needs. Essentially gives a tank 400hp, 30 armor, 60 MR, and 10hp/5. A must have for tanky/supports.

14. Sighstone and Ruby Sightstone: +100 or +300 HP and wards. I really like the idea of these items, but considering how cheap wards are, I don't know if it is worth throwing down 700/1300 gold down. I see it better mid-late game for supports to spam wards around the map with than during laning phase.

15. Crystalline Flask: 3 100 hp and 40 mana regen potions. Considering how much they nerfed HP/5 regen items, there is more reliance on potions early game. You can either buy 1 CF, or get 5 Health pots. If you feel you are going to be in your lane more, you can get this and spend less money having to go back and buy pots. Situational sidegrade.
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User Info: Xano1234

4 years ago#4
16: Hunters Machete: +10 true damage to monster, +10% increase of damage to monster. Pretty much the jungle staple now. No point of going armor + 5 pots if you can do the same and clear a jungle faster with the machete. Also builds into Wriggles and other great items as well.

17. Banner of Command: +50 AP, +30 Armor, +10hp/5, Minion Buff/promote. I really love the concept of this item. Reminds me of inveneating locket way back in the day. Unfortunately the price makes it really unusable by any role. There are simply better options in items to take over this. With this item, and captain boot upgrades though, you can probably back door like a beast. Situational, worth a try?

18. Seraphs Embrace: 25% manashield. Basically gives you Blitz passive. Considering AA was very underused pre-S3, I don't see it getting used much more. At max mana, you are only gaining 30 AP not taking into account other mana sources. I feel there are simply better AP items.

19. Spirit Stone: +14 hp/5, +7mp/5, +20% damage to monster, +10 true damage to monster. I love this items stats because its basically old philostone. Unfortunately it is made more for junglers and not for laning. Also, I think more junglers are better off getting wriggles which has the 600 magic damage chance and better stats than the +20% damage boost this gives.

20. Spirit of the Lizard Elder: +50 attack, +14hp/5, +7mp/5, +25 damage dealt to monsters, +true damage burn. I don't know how to feel about this item. I love the true damage burn, I feel it is a fantastic idea. For 2400 gold though, the stats remind me of Tiamat. Lackluster. Wriggles is 1600 Gold and gives you better defense, life steal, and a ward for 800 less gold. Maybe this item has its place somewhere that has yet to be found, I hope so because I love the idea.

21. Spirit of the Ancient Golem: +500 HP, +14hp/5, +7mp/5, +30 armor, 25% damage to monsters, tenacity. I feel this is a better upgrade from sightstone and I also think it is a great potential support item. Gives you the regen to stay in lane plus gives you a great boost to health and armor for a relatively low price. Boring item, but fairly good statistically.

22. Spirit of the Spectral Wrath: +40 AP, +10mp/5, +20 spell vamp, +10 CDR/ + 25 monster damage. Basically a more costly and wardless version of Wriggles for AP junglers. Can see it being awesome on characters like Fiddle and makes jungling viable for characters like Morgana. Interesting item and am looking forward to seeing its potential.

That concludes MY breakdown of the items. I in no way claim to be right about any of this. This is purely my own opinion of the new items. I ask not to flame me or tell me I'm wrong, but to help me, either by experience with the items or by helpful advice on how that item can fit into a specific role or situation. I look forward to hearing the feedback.

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User Info: chaoshadou

4 years ago#5
Pretty sure spell vamp doesn't proc off of on hit effects. Also, Dorans blade heal is better early game, you'd need about 165 AD early game for the old doran's lifesteal to match what this one has on hit.
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User Info: Mouse_Crouse

4 years ago#6
That was very through, and actually made me take a 2nd look at some of the new stuff. Thanks for taking the time to write it up.

User Info: Hell0nEarth

4 years ago#7
Mouse_Crouse posted...
That was very through, and actually made me take a 2nd look at some of the new stuff. Thanks for taking the time to write it up.

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User Info: Shadow Edge

Shadow Edge
4 years ago#8
Im tired of saying this.

Doran Blade got BUFFED for early and mid game sustain. You need >166 AD to beat new dblades. You don't reach that point until you get a BT.

User Info: LooksLikeRain

4 years ago#9
Shadow Edge posted...
Im tired of saying this.

Doran Blade got BUFFED for early and mid game sustain. You need >166 AD to beat new dblades. You don't reach that point until you get a BT.

I'd arrest you if I had handcuffs.

User Info: jediknight114

4 years ago#10
Thanks, this is really helpful
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