Nami's lore: "In order to save my kind... acquire moonstone."

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User Info: DeleveleD

4 years ago#1
*Magically joins the league with no explanation*.

The end.
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User Info: 314dragonmaster

4 years ago#2
DeleveleD posted...
*Magically joins the league with no explanation*.

The end.

I wondered the same thing.
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User Info: __Darujhistan__

4 years ago#3
Lol lore.

See what I did there?
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User Info: myg0t_stk

4 years ago#4
wait you actually read lore? LOL!

User Info: KeepItCivil

4 years ago#5
Ok, let's repeat this again so it sticks:
For heaven's sake.
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#6
To understand LoL lore, just imagine a bunch of champions sitting in a room together:




"Random whateveraaaaa!"
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User Info: RaytheRuler

4 years ago#7
I find it odd how she's supposedly pressed for time in her quest yet joins the league with no known reason as to how that would help her find the moonstone. I think its possibly the idea that the person she's suppose to trade with is probably fantastical too so they would fit as a member of the league. But the lore really should hint at a champ who would be destined to make the trade (probs Diana) and thus gives reason for Nami to join. Essentially she joins cause she's looking for someone special to make the foretold trade and league is where you find special individuals.

User Info: Suffer_Not

4 years ago#8
If I were to try and make Riot's Lore make sense, I would conclude that Nami joined the league after finding the stone. Her adventures led her to conclude that the land dwellers were far more important than her people had always assumed and that it was in their best interests that she act as a representative for them.

However, the problem with that is that her adventures searching for the moonstone in a desperate gambit to save her people is way more interesting than the day to day livings of a political ambassador. There are far too many interesting questions raised that don't get answered that way.

If you'll tolerate my musings...

So far, there has only been one organization in the League Lore that has dealt with anything related to the Moon. The one whose ruins were discovered by Diana. Before, it would be very easy to dismiss them as the ravings of a lunatic (tee hee), since Diana sort of killed all the potential witnesses or suspects who might know why the Solari were trying to hide the existence of the people who worshiped the moon (let's just call them Lunari for sake of discussion).

But now we have someone else, in fact an entire race of people, who can also testify to the existence of this culture that mysteriously vanished and was then hidden. It casts the Solari in an unfavorable light, because it would seem to imply that they have something to hide. And that it has something to do with the death of one culture and near extinction of an entire race.

Think of the trials Nami and Diana would have to go through. Finding each other, learning to trust each other, searching for more ruins of the Lunari culture in a race against time and the entire military might of the Solari and by extension the people of Rakkor. Their discoveries of conspiracy and dark pasts and secrets that were not kept as well as some would wish. Their eventual vindication, leading to Nami saving her people and joining the league to further safeguard them from the greed and shame of the air breathers.

Except Riot is never going to tell that story, so all those interesting little details and coincidences end up just being so much filler.
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User Info: Maurith

4 years ago#9
Maybe the moonstone bearer is going to be a new champ. Like someone who rebelled against tradition and decided to see if they could use the moonstone for selfish reasons. [shrug]
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User Info: DeleveleD

4 years ago#10
^ You're just over imagining, over thinking, and over complicating things.

I did read that though, and I applaud your effort and idea, but I sincerely doubt that Nami and Diana have some sort of connection going. I'm thinking Riot just wanted to create a quick lore for the sake of having one, despite having both subtle and obvious connections to other champions.

Don't get me wrong though, you could be right.

Edit: This post is meant for Suffer_Not.
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  3. Nami's lore: "In order to save my kind... acquire moonstone."

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