Why was I banned for 3 days?

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User Info: Kuroth_Neidra

5 years ago#21
Pegeta posted...
nevermind that fiora and kass who gave away my position in jungle all game, because its totally viable enemy help. They even did this at the start

You don't get it.

that doesn't permit you to be an ass to them all game.

No matter what they do, you can't be an ass to them or you're breaking the rules. And you're just making things worse.

Accept your well deserved ban, learn how to interact with other humans in a constructive way. Or don't, and keep getting banned. I don't really care lol, that's probably for the best anyway.
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User Info: Kirbix

5 years ago#22
Oh, pegeta. Always entertaining to read your whinings.
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User Info: Minders

5 years ago#23
In case the Tribunal isn't clear it works roughly like this (according to Riot)

1: A person recieves a LOT of reports and the system starts building a case. Comparing the amounts of reports recieved over the amount of games played. Also taking into account things such as high report sprees in case the player is very toxic for a short amount of time. It also takes into account the reporter and his "reputation" in the system. Does he overuse the reportbutton? Does a lot of his cases lead to real punishments or pardons? Things like that

2: After a while, when the system has decided the player needs to be put in the Tribunal it selects a couple of the most recent games with reports in it. It makes the case and puts it in the Tribunal to let the summoners judge the case

3: Depending on the percentage of summoners voting punish or pardon it either decides to punish or pardon. If pardon it checks if it was one of the dummy cases that Riot uses to check accuracy or it just pardons the reported summoner. If it's punish it once again checks if it's a dummy case or not. If it isn't it will forward to the punish section

4: Here is where the punishment is decided. It takes into account things such as if it's your first punishment and how many of the summoners voted punish. I also believe they scan for certain key phrases to decide if it seems to be a very bad case even if it's a first time offence. It then decides to either automatically send out a warning and clear honor or send it forward.

5: If sent forward it reaches a team of Riot employes that go over the case and check for more information, previous punishments and pre/postgame chat and what the summoners in the Tribunal voted (they have stated they want the summoners to at least partly decide the rules of the community themselves). This is the only place you can get punishments harsher than a warning. They decide to either suspend or ban you.

In short. The tribunal serves as a filter and cannot ban you, the worst the tribunal can do without riot being involved is a warning. The tribunal cannot ban unfairly, that's Riot. The Tribunal can only pardon unfairly.

This being said, it's not always fair which seems to imply that maybe Riot aren't being completely honest in their description of how the Tribunal works or they just have access to more info than we can see.

edit: Yea, I forgot to mention. It judges YOU, not everyone else. YOU are being punished for YOUR actions. If the others end up in tribunal THEY will be punished for THEIR actions.
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User Info: FvP

5 years ago#24
Singed [00:13:34] ****ing move your ass kass
Diana [00:11:47] wtf fiora leave r*****

Reported. Time ban is the best punishment
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User Info: Dottled

5 years ago#25
It's amazing how people like TC are completely blind to the fact that they're total dicks, even when shown.
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User Info: Belligero

5 years ago#26
Hope you get perma-banned.
I'm bad at LoL.

User Info: LordClyde

5 years ago#27
"its like chickens with no head running around"

True, so true.

It'll be like this at every elo... I go positive and win my lane, the rest of my team throws the game. Can't count how many times this happens.

I really ****ing hate solo queue.. At least ranked has due queue so you can save yourself from getting at least 1 teammate with downs.

User Info: The-World-Seven

5 years ago#28
Taken from the Tribunal guidelines:

10. Focus on the reported player and Understand the system

Sometimes a player who is reported isn't the worst offender in the case/chatlog. Remember who is being accused before passing judgment on the case.

If the reported player is bad, but not the worst, they should still be punished.

If they don't deserve punishment but there was another offender in the case, don't punish the accused player. If the player doesn't deserve punishment for the reported reason ( i.e. "excessive time spent idle"), but they still had an offensive name or used abusive language, they might still be subject to punishment. Remember that "punish" constitutes your verdict that the reported player’s actions were outside the scope of positive, competitive gameplay – it does not represent your request to have Riot Games evaluate that report, or every player in it, as a whole. Based on your determination, Riot Games will only be taking action, if any, against the particular reported player.
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User Info: Vegerunks

5 years ago#29
You were banned not only for being an ass in ALL 4 games, but also for a needlessly large amount of profanity. Riot largely frowns upon profanity whether or not it is allowed and they will ban people for using it and being reported.
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User Info: Pegeta

5 years ago#30
reaver89 posted...
Game 4: I would give Ezreal a cookie just for having to put up with all of you. And what was so bad about giving Fiora a few golems so she didn't fall behind? You were Diana. Just gank more.

And then why do you drag people's parents into it? That's what I don't get.

I kind of want to know what you said in team select to make them want to report you off the bat. lol

TL;DR: You're a ****. Accept it and better yourself.

"I'm playing jungle"

"no I want to try out jungle its my first game" --fiora

"you're not losing me a ranked game as a first time anything" --me

"ok fine then I feed"---fiora

"diana is a ********" ---kass

that about sums up the champ select
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