I....I lost a bot game....

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User Info: The-World-Seven

4 years ago#41
Just play Twisted Treeline bots on easy. There is literally no game you cannot carry.
It's really just your inability to play if you lose it.
This from a triple digit elo player.
My Hubris is bigger than yours.
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User Info: xHaterade

4 years ago#42
you have 9 losses
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User Info: sortajan

4 years ago#43
bots win because they work together, teamwork being a concept understood by neither the elitists that refuse to work with poor to average players, and the poor to average players that either don't make an effort or decide to bicker and fight throughout the entire match

league of legends = a game of teamwork, league of legends community = incapable of getting over itself and working as a team

User Info: Kirbix

4 years ago#44
From: Voidgolem | #039
ADC build is still IE.

the whole point of being an ADC is the whole multiplicative stats thing, after all.

I don't think anyone believes that yet.
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User Info: bibliotheek357

4 years ago#45
I lost once when I was playing Nasus. My teammates were getting rolled, but I was swimming in kills and gold. I had +1300 on my Q (700+ minions killed, not all by q ofc). It was about an hour game. Then at one point I wasn't paying attention and just kept farming top to see how far I could get till I noticed the bots grouped up, steamed through my team and the turrets. By the time my recall finished they already took down the nexus. I got arrogant and paid the price.

User Info: Vonkilington

4 years ago#46
I've lost a few bot games, mainly due to being paired with 4 first-time players that think "Pfft I'm so good at CoD I don't need to start on easy."

Also, I'll usually throw up a surrender vote when their nexus is blowing up, and sometimes it goes through and we actually lose. Nobody has been mad yet, though :D

But yeah I know your feels TC. My sentiments.
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User Info: GameFreakJake

4 years ago#47
I've lost a few bot games back when I was still learning, lost one when it went 3v5 and I still wasn't very good yet, and one when I was with a premade group of 5 and we all surrendered right before we killed the nexus (completely worth it, we all were laughing like crazy).
This is Jake's topic. Nothing is innocent. >_>~DarkNight11
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