If you HAD to main one champion, give the Skill/Item/Cosmetic reason why

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User Info: Naxochils

4 years ago#21

Skill- I like energy and i like his ult.
Item- Ionic Spark even without it being there anymore :(
Warlord Shen.
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User Info: Morrowind789

4 years ago#22
I go through phases but right now i'll go with zyra

1. I love snares and zyras is top notch, plus i really like playing with seeds and such

2. I guess deathcap? pumps damage and thats all you really need with Z

3. She's a cool looking plant chick and i like the look of her snare/ult
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User Info: capgamer

4 years ago#23
I would main Malzahar

1) Mega single target damage and pretty great AOE damage with unusual hitboxes that people seem to have trouble dodging for whatever reason. Long range spells so can remain safe if positioned well. Voidlings are great. I've always enjoyed summoning classes and so I turn Mal into one with max cooldown reduction. It makes him a complete terror in teamfights and pushing late game.

2) Item- Maybe I'll find a new favorite with the new items but so far I have a love for morello's evil tome. It gives me everything I want: mana regen, cooldown, a counter to heal, AP... it's just great.

3) Cosmetic- Everything about him is awesome. His voice and quotes are great, his backstory is a reference to HP Lovecraft who wrote some great horror stories. His purple effects and sound effects terrify the enemy team. I just love him (platonically).
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User Info: HighUlitma

4 years ago#24
I'd main Galio:

1. Idol of Durand is best initiation ever. No counters.
2. Mercury treads and abyssal scepter. No other champions can use these two items better than Galio.
3. The boom resolute smite makes when you hit the enemy for 1/5 health is music to my ears.

User Info: taco_ninja393

4 years ago#25

1. Fast, great clears, only one meh skill

2. Mobility and still effective, FoN (or at least used to be), sheen is all you need to do decent damage and the rest is tank. A game changing Ult.

3. "Feel my sting!" Plus both skins are bad ass. Easily the best looking champion in my book. We need more champs that aren't just human/humanoid
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User Info: TalentedM

4 years ago#26
I would main Teemo.

1) Skill - Poison dart, blinding, laying mines and running away.
2) Item build - AS/AP
3) Cosmetic effect - Skins galore. Adorable. I personally enjoy super teemo's Quick Move sound and animation.
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User Info: Silver Shadow X

Silver Shadow X
4 years ago#27

1. I like her aura focused play. Comes with her 3 songs, and I just stack different aura items to buff the team. Stacked with great poke early and her huge AoE stun that completely turns teamfights around.

2. Chalice of Harmony or any strong mana regen item. I like spamming her skills, so my top priority every game is getting really strong regen. And cooldown reduction I suppose.

3. She floats and radiates rainbows. And no other champ has such pleasant sounding everything (though a friend of mine despises both her /j and /t).
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User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#28

1. I enjoy the variety in play options his kit offers (jump on a dude and rip his face off...or poke away at a team with uberrockets before jumping on a dude and ripping his face off. Decisions.)

2. Brutalizer, it's actually not shooting yourself in the foot to build now, and Kha loves his arpen almost as much as he loves raw AD.

3. The giant sweeping claw-slashes appeal to me. I'm not entirely sure why.
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User Info: SteelFighter

4 years ago#29
1. His ult. The ultimate escape, the ultimate ninja, effectively doubles his range
2. Deathcap, ability power ability power ability power
3. Dude has a lightsaber
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User Info: Danger_Close

4 years ago#30

I love me some triforce!
Pulsefire. 'Nuff said.
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  3. If you HAD to main one champion, give the Skill/Item/Cosmetic reason why

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