can anyone beat nasus late game?

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User Info: SirDanieI

5 years ago#41
JaggiJumper posted...

How the hell does Nasus arpen counter poppy's passive? Poppy's passive counters Nasus Q.

im say
AD Sion

I was talking about her passive 35 armor.

I will do the math's for you guys.
Poppy build; Bloodthirster, Lastwhisper, Triforce, Mercs, IE, GA
Nasus build: Thornmail, Frozen heart, Randuins, Last whisper, Triforce, Tabi's Nasus will have 600 q farm.
Not good builds but for 1v1's its pretty damn good.

So poppy will have around 400 ad, 18 percent lifesteal, 35 percent armor pen, 85 mr, 175 armor, 2131 hp and 1.2 attacks per second. Nasus will have 3380 hp, 186 ad, 35 percent armor pen, 363armor, 52.5 mr and1.2 attacks per second.

Nasus's q will hit for 600+110+186+174 (1070)physical damage every 3 seconds and Poppy's Q will hit for 175+400+100+270 magic damage (940) every 4 seconds. Nasus's e and LW will lower Poppies armor to 87 thus it will deal 572 true damage . This will be reduced by poppies passive to 390 true damage every 3 seconds and thus heal 78 health. Poppies q will be reduced by Nasus's 52.5 magic resist to 616 true damage and returning 110 health. Due to Nasus's thornmail it will also return 282 magic dmg (152 true damage). Times this all by 1.4 and 0.9(tabi)and you get 775.8 true damage per 4 seconds healing 140 heal and 212 true damage to self. So basically Nasus's Q will be doing 130 true dps and healing 26 per second and Poppy will be dealing 194 true dps and heal for 35 per second as well as hurting her for 53 true dps. Since Nasus has around 1.5 times her hp judging by both Q alone Nasus's q is superior.

Now for the rest of the picture; Nasus's Ult will be doing 2.7 percent true dps doing 57 dps and gaining 4 ad per second and his. I have already included Poppies ad/armor steroid in my previous stat calculations. Lets ignore both of their E's dps because their inconsequential and Nasus's will have higher damage. So Nasus will have 186+20(average over the fight) or so AD due to ult. SO he will be 206 physical damage at 1.2 attacks per second. This will be lowered by Poppies 46 percent damage reduction (post armor reduction) so he will be doing 206*1.2*0.53= 131 true dps + his 57 dps from his ult = a total of 188 true dps while healing for 131*0.2= 26 per second.

Now the math for poppy gets tricky due to Nasus's variable AS slow ill average it out at a 3 second duration 60 percent as slow on an 8 second cooldown so 3/8 * 60 =22 AS slow. So her initial 1.2 AS will be reduced by FH to 0.96 and then further by randuins and wither to 0.7 attacks per second. Now her attacks will deal 400 physical damage and crit every third attack (35 percent crit chance) dealing 1000 physical damage. So the average damage per hit will be 1800*1.4/3=840. Times it by 0.7 and you get 588 physical dps. This is reduced by Nasus's damage reduction 70 percent (post armor reduction) so she will have 588*0.3*0.9(tabi)=159 true dps and healing at a rate of 28 per second. Also due to thornmail she will take 0.3*588 magic dps and 95 true dps.

So if you add all this up Nasus will be doing 318 +148(thornmail)+466 true dps healing for 52 per second. Poppy will be dealing 353 true dps and healing at a rate of 63 per second.
Now since Nasus has 3380 and poppy has 2131 hp it will take poppy 11 seconds to kill nasus while nasus will take 5.3 seconds to kill poppy. Thus Nasus wins very easily.
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User Info: Rookie_Jet

5 years ago#42
aHappySacka posted...
Well you would need someone that is strong lategame, is durable, and doesn't rely heavily on auto-attacks.

So Poppy? or maybe Garen, Elise or Olaf might work as well.

I think I'd agree with poppy. Her passive will negate a lot of that crazy crit dmg.

User Info: Hyper Inferno

Hyper Inferno
5 years ago#43
I don't think any AP caster can beat Nasus on a full on late game 1v1. Nasus can mitigate too much damage from an opponent to care about what they can do, and a BV+Mercurial mitigates a ton of the kiting capabilities that some champions would otherwise be able to use to beat him.

AD carries need to pack both Cleanse and QSS to take down Nasus, because if Nasus builds a GA, even after the first Wither is cleansed, the death revival animation will let it get back up and let him put the hurt on again.
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