RP costs for all champs and their skins

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User Info: Shiny_Pidgey

5 years ago#11
Well actually, 975 RP is about $7. For just every 6300 champ, assuming no sales, its about $266. For every champion that costs 975 RP it's about $450. So including the champs that cost less, I'd have to assume about $650. Now assuming you buy only one skin for each champ, that's about another $750, so we're already at about $1400. I believe the average amount of skins for each champion is 3, and assuming they are all 975 (which of course they aren't, but due to averaging should come out to about the same number) we get $2900, so somewhere between $2750 and $3000. Again, this is assuming no sales are used and RP is only bought in $10 increments.

User Info: TheCardHunter

5 years ago#12
wow, guess i will need to save my pennies and save!!! btw whats your favorite champ and skin in the game?
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User Info: Barrenite

5 years ago#13
RunesCall posted...
Think about it.. it's like.. $10 per champ as it is.. so that's already about $1080 just by champions alone.

Skins are about $10 too, excluding the ones that are legendary which are $20-25.. so that's another $1080

So yeah.. maybe up to $3k at the very least if you want to buy one champion + one skin at full price... and this isn't even adding up if people would want to buy more skins.

Your math is wrong because it's more like 7 dollars per champion.
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