What is Shaco supposed to do now?

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User Info: Rising Chaos

Rising Chaos
5 years ago#11
I don't even normally play Shaco either but I did once earlier today and yeah that's pretty much how I felt. His first clear is still braindead easy because of box stacking, his early ganks are still scary as hell, and the new aggro mechanics means boxes always tank everything and Shaco himself never takes any damage. Madred's is dirt cheap now too.

Proceed to be a gigantic a-hole and poopoo on everyone. Then probably lose anyway because you're Shaco but whatever.
"Pokey and the man."

User Info: Arken101

5 years ago#12
Take Red, ambush enemy at their wraith bush for free blue buff and their red buff, give your mid blue buff and win game.
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User Info: The_Weegee

5 years ago#13
salamence is in hell with garchomp; god didn't need him anymore-Zakdraknor64

User Info: Rzul

5 years ago#14
You can be a gigantic nuisance to the enemy team. Just place boxes in places you know they'll be coming if the enemy jungler sees you. A lot of players are surprisingly stupid even at high ELO because they still follow Shaco into the bush. Go into bush get hit by 4 boxes and the Shaco just E's followed by Q and then you get free kills. I can't count how many times I've duped 1-2 people into following me into a bush.

It's hilarious. Even if you fall off late game, if you have a positive score and your team gas been doing work, it's pretty much GG. Just screw with people and bait them constantly. Most people will know exactly what you're doing but follow anyway cause you're pissing them off.
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User Info: Dualitypain

5 years ago#15
Spacefrisian posted...
Is Shaco now even worse than Eve ever was? (for those who thought Eve was bad back than)

No. Eve was crippled beyond use on purpose because her entire design was unfun for everyone except the person playing her. Shaco is just in a bad spot because Riot doesn't know what to do with him. He's still usable in the right hands. Eve was only useable in the hands of someone who dedicated themselves to her, and even then, if they spent that dedication on another champ, they would have been superb at that champ.
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User Info: Ravid182

5 years ago#16
I don't get what you guys are doing wrong that you think shaco has bad clearing and stuff.

I mean he is exactly as easy as he was in season 2.

Seriously I even can start boots on him and clear the exact way I did before with my box placement [can take both buffs and still get to their red in time to kill them at it even!]

Often not even having to use more than one potion for that.

He is a lot better late game than he used to be too. As an assassin anyway [if that fits with your team comp, still figuring out best items to build on him if that doesn't].

He still isn't the super best late game, but he is DEF no worse as far as the things he can build and stuff he if anything is stronger.

He still has his big problems, but he if anything has gotten better not worse.

User Info: rapturexxv

5 years ago#17
Same as s2 really. Watch perfects stream on twitch. His shaco is pretty good.
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