This should be a compulsary read for ALL players.

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User Info: Voidgolem

5 years ago#21
From: CheezWhizX | #020
This guide could maybe pass for a read back in 2011, but even then it's pretty bad (Kat and Skarner are hybrids? Ezreal isn't baby's first AD Carry? Jax & Irelia don't right click? Lux is a bad mid?).

Actually, I take it back. Back in 2011 or now, this guy has literally no idea what he's talking about.

Ezreal isn't Babby's First AD Carry - If you can't aim, he falls below other carries. If you're a shortbus-rider who uses arcane shift as a nuke, you're probably gonna end up feeding in a lot of situations.

And if you rush Manamune like some specimens of solo queue, you're gonna be useless 20 minutes in either way. Soooooooo

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User Info: darkelfkiller

5 years ago#22
Puredogg posted...
Anybody else read this in Gilbert Gottfried's voice?

Yes, I did after reading that. Laughed way too damn hard.
"This is it. This is your story. It all begins here."
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User Info: kirbymuncher

5 years ago#23
If you happen to care about team composition, you will often get stuck playing the roles that nobody really wants to play.

The positive side to this is that you'll become a well rounded player because you'll learn to do all the roles in the game.

this is totally not true

I almost always wait until everyone else has picked and then fill in the last gap. I probably play 80% support, 15% jungler, 5% AD. I cannot remember the last time I've played top or mid outside a full premade

User Info: Fenrir the Wolf

Fenrir the Wolf
5 years ago#24
The guide is sort of outdated, but it's still humorous and mostly informative imo.

I say people should read his Viktor guide though. It's a lot more up to date, and y'all might learn a thing or two about the Glorious Evolution.
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User Info: AStrawhatPirate

5 years ago#25
Very entertaining read
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User Info: luigi33

5 years ago#26
This is a hilarious read XD
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User Info: Beech_tibs

5 years ago#27
a lot of people are sheep so they won't believe a champion is strong until a pro says so

User Info: spartanreborn1

5 years ago#28
tag for later

User Info: omegaraijin

5 years ago#29
Sooo outdated xD

User Info: Cirrus101

5 years ago#30
KarmicDragon1 posted...
McAfee says the website has engaged in suspicious behaviour and as such I would prefer not to visit it.

Can someone copypasta the gists of it here please.

theres your problem right there.
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  3. This should be a compulsary read for ALL players.

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