Wow, Hecarim became insanely good.

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  3. Wow, Hecarim became insanely good.

User Info: UncleAssMuff

5 years ago#1
He's always been my primary jungler, but I admit he wasn't the best jungler by any stretch of the imagination. Since the Season 3 patch he's been unstoppable. Spirit of the Elder Lizard + Iceborn Gauntlet + Spirit Visage = Never die again. I've played 5 or 6 games with him since the patch, and I have never died once I've built all of these items. I love this.
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User Info: Fenrir the Wolf

Fenrir the Wolf
5 years ago#2
Hec's lategame has always been great imo. But it looks like S3 has brought him a lot of good things for early/mid too.
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User Info: Barrenite

5 years ago#3
He's always been insanely good.

Now he's insanely better.
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User Info: nyhustler208

5 years ago#4
ive been seeing a bunch of them and there all good... they are dominating the jungle scene right now
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User Info: Ravid182

5 years ago#5
He always had a super late game.

He has some nice items for him now too though

User Info: refmon

5 years ago#6
yeah its strange, Lizard and iceborn is so good on him
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User Info: Slayn

5 years ago#7

How many u c in tournaments?

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User Info: ZedPower

5 years ago#8
Hec's (only?) weakness has always been a fairly slow start in the jungle, so organized, competent players can try to break his face before he becomes indestructible and there are chances he'll end up behind for the the whole match. I think that's why you don't see him rocking tournaments all the time, it's a lot of risk to take on when there are much safer choices. He's also a fairly bad duelist (none of his strengths come into play during a 1v1), which is the trade-off for being so damn good in teamfights.

For most people though, Hec's a much better pick, since the probability of being ruined in the first 10-15 minutes is a lot lower.
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  3. Wow, Hecarim became insanely good.

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