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User Info: oxnerd

4 years ago#1
Who started all the lane role crap?
This game was a lot more fun when people just picked whoever accordingly and duel laned. All this support, solo top, jungle stuff is annoying and restricts the game.

Anyways just played a game where my team had all the meta roles and the other team just didnt give a crap and played the game the classic way. Solo top was murdered against duel ap and it was double bruiser bot which also murdered the adc. I would love to go back to that...

User Info: EvilMewtwo

4 years ago#2
go ahead and play suboptimally, if thats what you find fun then you're perfectly allowed to do that.
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User Info: Kirbix

4 years ago#3
From: oxnerd | #001
This game was a lot more fun when people just picked whoever accordingly and duel laned

You're clearly getting to higher levels where your opponents are more competent. If meta bothers you, re-starting and playing as a sub-level 15 will resolve your issue.

Alternatively, play bot games. No one gives a **** in bot games.

To answer your question:
Pros develop it, and then others adopt it when they see that it works. It doesn't work when you play because, again, you're still low leveled and unskilled. If your solotop was against a dual AP opponent, they could have played passively and just outleveled their opponent. Most players who employ that strategy push pretty hard, and then the jungler comes up for a gank and it's *boom* double kill. That only works if the top lane person on your team is good enough to play passively, though.

As for double bruiser, that's designed to "beat the meta". And especially with the new items being as broken as they are, there's probably not a good way to counter that at this point. Then again, the "roles" of lanes are probably going to change because of the new items, so who knows- maybe we discover that double bruiser is better now.
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