Any new items that you haven't seen used effectively yet (or used at all)?

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  3. Any new items that you haven't seen used effectively yet (or used at all)?

User Info: genericname1234

5 years ago#1
I haven't seen a single mercurial scimitar, ohmwrecker, or banner of command. The only time I've seen a crucible was when I built one, and it didn't seem to make much a difference since we were already getting spanked. Haven't seen anybody with new rageblade either.

I don't think I've seen somebody use a statikk shiv very effectively though I've had a few bad ADCs build it.

I haven't seen any supports build twin shadows, but the few mids that built it seemed to do really well.
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User Info: MhkaMAth

5 years ago#2
I built a Scimitar yesterday on Noc.

I'm not sure if it was any good but the CC removal combined with spell shield seemed nice. Free stuff!

User Info: BIadeBIade

5 years ago#3
I like Scimitar, but I also liked QSS a lot.

I see a lot of ADCs build Shiv, but it doesn't seem that good at all. Hurricane also seems overrated most of the time.

I've yet to see Ohmwrecker or Banner of Command.
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User Info: Barrenite

5 years ago#4
Any AD item that isn't a Cleaver.
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User Info: angermngment101

5 years ago#5
The following items have barely any use unfortunately:

Twin shadows
Banner of command
The one kage pick upgrade idk what its called, but it sucks
And some others.

They didnt provide a lot of diversity. Just crappy extra items that people shouldnt use IMO.

User Info: Ultoman2

5 years ago#6
I built an Ohmwrecker on Rammus yesterday.

It was basically useless because my team couldn't react fast enough or know what was going on to dive the turret. If you're using skype or have a fairly competent It'd probably be awesome.

I also built m5 boots and homeguard for the lulz.
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User Info: adept89

5 years ago#7
I've seen Ohmwrecker once. It's a nice idea, but the only people on the team who can really afford to give up an item slot for it are the jungler and support; they'll both have better items to be getting first most of the time, and both of them will also have a hard time completing it while it's still relevant.
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User Info: Blocktopus

5 years ago#8
Lol I haven't seen most of the AD items built except for the cleaver.

Hurricane also isn't as good as I was expecting except for a very small amount of champions.

User Info: B01t

5 years ago#9
hurricane's very niche, but it's great on ad carries like kog'maw and twitch.

Cleaver of course, twin shadows occaisonally, it's situational but very good. Merc Scimitar's decent, and i've also seen a fair amount of liandry's used well
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User Info: ohnoitslueshi

5 years ago#10
Scimitar is great on glass cannon melee ADs.
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  3. Any new items that you haven't seen used effectively yet (or used at all)?

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