Gamefaqs Secret Santa: Update # 2

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User Info: Puredogg

4 years ago#11
Is there a way I can be added to the list and assigned someone? :3

Summoner name is BlackQuetzal

I'd like to participate
My name is... Inigo Montoya. You cancelled my pre-order. Prepare to die.- Samuel 025

User Info: Rydethetiger

4 years ago#12
Unfortunatly everything has been assigned with an even number right now. Would have to start an entire new bracket...Stay tuned for contests and prizez :D
Lol IGN: WMP Bantam

User Info: OwlRammer

4 years ago#13
would like to participate but too late though I guess lol

guess I will have to wait for the contests and prizez to get something.
BlazBlue Continuum Shift - Main: Platinum Sub: Tager|OwlRammer for everything
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User Info: 13loop

4 years ago#14
I was gonna gift it to him ASAP, but its more fun all at the same day
"Swim away fugu fish, swim awaaaayyyyyy"
"You will never be happy if you live your life in fear"

User Info: Barrenite

4 years ago#15
Thank god you gave me someone I'd actually give to.~
Elise is my waifu! Hands off!

User Info: Edge4o7_

4 years ago#16
XBL: Edge4o7
P4A: Yu UMvC3 Zero/Dante/Sent

User Info: Scarecrow1711

4 years ago#17
How do I sign up because my IGN is jj778899.
GT: Ru3 1711
Online games I play: ME3, any CoD, Halo 4(soon)

User Info: RunesCall

4 years ago#18
From: Rydethetiger | #009
ALSO!!!! Sneak Hint: Around x-mas time I will run a contest of some sort to win RP or a legendary skin.

Can't wait for this! Honestly, I bet there will be plenty of fun contests around for the season! ~ Such a shame. Such a waste. Such a pity.
Artists sure are whimsical creatures~

User Info: Alastreon

4 years ago#19
So where exactly IS the gift option?
I don't see it
LoL IGN Alastronar
3DS FC 1762-2827-4556

User Info: Doom2006

4 years ago#20
Just so you know, I tried to mention it in the other topic but looks like you didn't see it, the name isn't WelcomeDread, it's WelcomedDread.
"Deadly Premonition is the worst game I have ever played. Vampire Rain was better than this."- Arucard06
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