Has anyone ever played mostly as a support and be high in elo?

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  3. Has anyone ever played mostly as a support and be high in elo?

User Info: The-World-Seven

4 years ago#21
2100 support, not as good at anything else
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User Info: Dr4dar

4 years ago#23
Just duo queue with a friend who is a decent adc and support him. When I duo with my brother we go bot usually and haven't lost... Yet

User Info: Golden_Mean

4 years ago#24
If you have a semi-competent AD then yes it's possible. It's pretty much the support that makes plays on bot lane.
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User Info: shadyelf

4 years ago#25
One of my friends duo'd to around 1750 playing as support then made it to plat on his own. Definitely possible but takes more effort.

User Info: RaytheRuler

4 years ago#26
Supports like Leona, Taric, Blitz and Alistar can win games by just destroying the opposing bot lane and getting your adc a huge kill and/or cs lead.Then they carry by pulling off incredible plays to insta kill the carries and win every team fight.

Supports like Sona, Lulu, Janna and Nami (whom I greatly prefer) are far more difficult to carry yourself with simply because the kill opportunities they create just aren't as obvious or simple. Lulu is my favourite support and she's gotten me 14 ranked wins in my relatively short ranked career but her limitations in carrying games are clear. You win lane fights with lulu by stalling, poking, cc'ing and out-lasting; if the opposing bot focuses you, then you gotta soak up that damage, ult yourself just in time and hope to goodness your adc was actually doing some damage to theirs. Lulu wins a teamfight by ulting her tank so their focus on them becomes just that bit more prolonged and silencing their carries. But sadly, Lulu can't force her adc to attack like a blitz or leona would. To me that just adds to the challenge, and I enjoy a good challenge. I don't actually main support but that's often the least desired role and I feel like I usually win when I support.

User Info: Hojoroth

4 years ago#27
Not high elo by any means, but I carried myself from 1000 to 1540 last season playing 90% Taric/Sona. Feeding a mediocre AD carry kills makes up for their deficiencies.
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User Info: thecrossnkight

4 years ago#28
I win more games picking and playing a support that synergizes with my team than I do picking some mid or top that i will 'carry' with.

It's a 5v5, but team composition can easily skew that. Janna with 3 strong pokers + a hard initiator will feel more like a 8v5 to the enemy team.
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User Info: Beech_tibs

4 years ago#29
_HeX posted...
Can't carry bads as support, even when you practically hand them free kills on a silver plate they'll still manage to screw it up.

this is not true! i pulled my brother's account from 500 elo to 1200 elo with supports only...
if those guys can know positioning and item builds and general right clicking skills i doubt those above this range wouldnt
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User Info: Mogu_Mogu

4 years ago#30
My friend just broke 1500 elo playing mostly support.

As an ADC main, if my support sucks, my lane is going to suck also. Especially if the two opponent bot laners are good. There is something to be said about a support that randomly goes break neck all the way in when you're out of position and then dies and blames it on you while feeding the opponent ADC. There is something to be said for supports that don't know how to use their skills, maintain lane presence with their ADC, and is essentially just an exp eating machine at bottom that runs the moment the ADC gets initiated on. etcetc

Bottom is a duo lane, if you have one good player and one bad player you will lose to two average players.
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  3. Has anyone ever played mostly as a support and be high in elo?

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