just got gifted a free game called "forge"

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User Info: dennis941012

4 years ago#1

so fun :O
that got me thinking
what if LoL were made to be like this game?
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User Info: ritz2

4 years ago#2

User Info: MegaTech

4 years ago#3
Looks fun actually.
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User Info: 13loop

4 years ago#4
Dennis add me on steam! :D
Its 13loop
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User Info: Alastreon

4 years ago#5
For someone who has had me in their sig forever isn't it rather odd that i haven't even played with except that 1v1?
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User Info: _Yag_

4 years ago#6
Archer: "ring ring.....hi planes? yeah, this is blimps.. you win"
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