Solo Queue Champion Select Priorities (Hypothetical Scenarios, Ahoy!)

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User Info: EDumey

5 years ago#1
Let's pretend you're last pick on a purple team and going top lane. It becomes clear from their picks that they're laning Darius top.

You f***ing hate fighting Darius. He gets under your skin and forces you into making bad trades and you lose lane.

In fact, the only way you can really beat him is by countering with Teemo or Kayle. (Let's not argue champ counters here, and just presume they work.)

But you look at your team and notice something. You is flimsy as s***. Akali mid, Ezreal/Soraka bot, and an Udyr jungle. Udyr could get pretty tanky, but your team still looks like it'd melt. Can you afford to play yet another flimsy champ top like Teemo or Kayle? Also, looks like your team has s*** initiation, which is bad all around.

What do? Play a champ you're not comfortable with in hopes of fixing a team comp? A Cho'Gath or Olaf (Both who fare quite well against Darius. Just using the hypothetical to say that you'd potentially lose the laning phase because you're not so great.)? Or play the champ you know you'll win the lane with, and hope your team snowballs hard enough to win the game early.


End Hypothetical.

I ask this because this somewhat happened with me the other day. There was a very likely Kennen top and I played Lee Sin into him, as it's one of my favorite matchups. The Kennen wasn't all that bad, and we kept about equal farm, though I got his tower before laning phase ended, and neither of us picked up kills. Then it turned out Lee sin just didn't mesh so great with the rest of my team. They had Amumu (combined with Kennen and their ADC) which meant I could scarce dive their carry, and we had a bit of an AOE team as well, meaning that Lee Sin's kick is just counter intuitive as anything other than an assassination move. The best I could really do was be a frontliner and peel for my ADC. Ended up losing. I can't help but think that if I had played a different lane, something with more utility like Cho'Gath or Malphite (who was banned), or maybe even Jax, I could have turned some of those late game fights around for us.


End Cool Story.

Here's the question: In solo queue, is it worth it to try and find a "good" team comp? Or should you play selfishly and just make sure you beat your lane? Thus "doing your job".

I know recently Gbay's videos were linked to where he talks about picking just 1-3 champs and getting really good with just them. Is that always the feasible choice though if your team mates obviously aren't having any cohesion in champ select?

User Info: DJ_Limes

5 years ago#2
I think your right on both parts. You can either win with a champ you're really good at by getting fed in your lane and carrying, but you must also remember that when teamfights come around you can only do so much alone.

That's where the team comp comes into play. Even if you're fed, a superior team comp can take the game from you.
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User Info: omisfly

5 years ago#3
I just try to beat my lane and roam, helping my other lanes snowball if possible.
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