Your favorite moves to kill with

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User Info: _equivocal_

4 years ago#81
Lulu's E to an enemy champ, they walk in range of a low hp enemy... Then Q! Did it once to a Teemo too, felt really good :)

User Info: _HeX

4 years ago#82
Lux ult of course.
And Elise's Q in spider form is pretty awesome, she leaps at you like a spider.
Kicking someone with Lee into another champ and getting a double kill is pretty sweet.
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User Info: Zen_Zarab

4 years ago#83
Shock Blast Accel'd

User Info: Iownzyou

4 years ago#84
Anything on Katarina
Singed poison
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User Info: Blbmbr666

4 years ago#85
From: BrokeMyMonitor | #034

From: zefig | #037
Jarvan's ult as a finishing blow.

Those. Also, POWAH SLAM!
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User Info: ParaSpartan

4 years ago#86
Pretty much all of Fizz's kit except W.

R? Walk away like a boss while a shark comes out of the ground and eats your enemy.

Q? Burst through your enemy killing them; bonus points if you do it from behind so you burst though their chest.

E? Jump on your staff only to fall with a satisfying thud and finishing your enemy.
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User Info: Shadow Edge

Shadow Edge
4 years ago#87
AP Maokai saplings. Sleeper OP in Proving Grounds.

User Info: Solid_Acid12

4 years ago#88
Mords Q.

Just hearing that whack when you 1 shot someone is so satisfying.
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User Info: KK_the_Slider

4 years ago#89
Feast is the only right answer.

User Info: JhayCee

4 years ago#90
Xerath's Q when the enemy thinks they're safe. The rage in /all chat is delish.
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