I've decided to test non-support characters as support to see if its viable.

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  3. I've decided to test non-support characters as support to see if its viable.

User Info: Xano1234

4 years ago#1
With the new changes in S3, I decided it was time to mix things up a but. I took characters not commonly seen as supports and tested them to see if they could work at bot supporting their adc.

I played them just like supports in lane. Bought wards, didn't take cs, harassed. After laning phase I would build said champion to their more traditional role.

1. Dr. Mundo
I have had mixed results with Mundo. He can basically stay in lane forever. He has a spammy cleaver attack which is great to harass with, is tanky enough to take some hits for the adc, and has great enough damage that if they jump him, hes actually a threat. Basically revolves around the skill of your adc and their bots skill.

2. Fiddlesticks
Probably my favorite on this list, I have had nothing but amazing results from Fid. He can harass decently well with his crow attack and if used at the right time can interrupt attempts to harass. His Drain ability is just stupidly strong. If they are dumb enough to attack you, drain them and lol as you tank their damage and your adc just wipes them out. This combined with fear basically allows you to fear and drain their adc, doing huge damage and allowing your adc to attack them for a couple seconds unharmed. His fear is also awesome at stopping ganks. Enemy jumps you from bush? Fear them and run away. Once he hits 6, he can stay in bush. If your jungle ganks, jump out and caw caw crowstorm to death. Even without AP early game he does some pretty rediculous damage with his drain.

3. Kassadin
Does not work unfortunately. I thought I could harass better with his Q, but its range is so short that they can harass you before you get into range to use it. That and it's his only ability if his E isn't charged up. Simply put. Not enough utility, damage, tankiness, or harass to be able to support bot.

4. Poppy
Poppy works in an interesting way. As an all melee char, she is easily harassed and kited. But with her Q, she still can knock off more than 1/4 of the squshies health in 1 blow even without building damage. If you can manage to set up her E and smack enemies into walls for your adc, she is pretty awesome. In an engagement, she can usually win because of her damage potential and ability to be unaffected by 1 of their champions by her ult. If the enemies do attack her, her passive makes her deceptively tanky and allows your adc to clean up.

5. Renekton
Kind of in the same line as Poppy. With his W, he can stun long enough to allow adc to kill. With a dash to get in and harass, then get out, and also escape from ganks as well. He also has a large amount of damage even when built tanky early on. I was unsure about this but after trying it out, the stun, heal, dash and ult make him a deceptively powerful bottom. His only problem that he cannot do much outside his stun to protect the carry. If he gets ganked, you might have to sacrifice yourself.

6. Urgot
Harass master. I don't think there is any character other than Mundo which can match his harass potential. He can wear the enemy down by constant harassment to allow your adc to farm. Awesome at zoning the enemy out. If they do attack, his passive allows you to tank more than they would expect and give you and your adc some early kills.

7. Vlad
Unfortunately, he kind of suffers from Kassadin's same problem. His range is simply too short to harass with. Against 1 enemy, he can easily heal it back. Against 2 enemies shooting back at him, he takes more damage than he can heal back. He has no utility at all, no way to stop the enemy from attacking the adc, and does not do much damage without AP. Not a very good support.
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User Info: Xano1234

4 years ago#2
8. Xerath
Probably my second favorite choice for un-supporty support. He is like the AP version of Urgot. The harass potential because of his range. He can basically snipe enemies constantly, completely zoning out enemies. A lot of people forget about his stun as well, so you can do damage and stun their adc, allowing for an easy kill by your adc. By level 6, even without AP, his ult and ability combos still do enough damage to almost kill most squishies. After building some AP, his passive gives him some added defense against bots high attack damage.

These are all the characters I have tried so far. The next characters I plan on trying at Swain, Syndra, Victor and Nocturne.

I would say Fiddle and Poppy work the best out of the above, with Vlad and Kass not working at all in the support role. Stay tuned for more. Also, by no means is this an attempt to break the meta or whatever. This is just me getting sick of seeing the same champions, so I like to experiment. These were all done in normals, I have yet to test any in ranked.
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#3
Gangplank, 0/9/21, pickpocket, kages->shard, Spam Q all day lonk.
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User Info: Vergilkilla

4 years ago#4
I request Malzahar, Darius, and Amumu.

And maybe some stuff concerning how/what these "gold-less" versions of these champions do after the laning phase.
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User Info: Fenrir the Wolf

Fenrir the Wolf
4 years ago#5
Fiddle support has been used in higher elo games from what I recall. It's a great way to play him.
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User Info: Xano1234

4 years ago#6
I only have Amumu. I shall try him next as well.
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User Info: kirbymuncher

4 years ago#7
Yorick makes a surprisingly good suppport

User Info: EvilSakurai

4 years ago#8
Vergilkilla posted...
I request Malzahar, Darius, and Amumu.

And maybe some stuff concerning how/what these "gold-less" versions of these champions do after the laning phase.

Darius works. I've seen it happen first hand.
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User Info: mrich528

4 years ago#9
i hear blitzcrank is good support.

in all seriousness, throw a teemo down there for support instead of CS and it can be destructive if played right. it can also be a feed fast for squishy down there though xD
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User Info: Belligero

4 years ago#10
I've played Trundle and Darius support to great effect.

And I was only in that position cause people were being dicks in champ select, so I just picked whatever. But I get fed.
I'm bad at LoL.
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  3. I've decided to test non-support characters as support to see if its viable.

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