How's Nami?

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User Info: xMikhalx

5 years ago#21
She has a strong presence if played properly. What she lacks in terms of tankability, she makes up with utility.

Using E on your ADC gives them a slow/haste (her passive); when bruisers come along - free heal/damage. A good ult into bubble combo guarantees a team cc'd for ages.

Heck, a good bubble in lane will dictate a won bot lane.

She's really skill based though because her bubble sucks to use.

User Info: AtomicCanolli

5 years ago#22
The people saying her ult is easy to dodge are on crazy pills or not using it right. In lane, you combo Q > R > E.

It's even stronger in the jungle. There, if you want to dodge it your choices are
1. Flash a wall, removing yourself from the fight
2. Get hit by it

Any other time you just wait for someone else to initiate and cast as they go in.

Seriously though, she seems very strong. I've never seen one do poorly, whether they were on my team or not.
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User Info: DarkLord63

5 years ago#23
She's easily my new favorite champion. I main support so I was definitely excited when they announced a new support character and she did not disappoint. Her heal is pretty good during the laning phase and aqua prison is great. It's tough to land it but it forces the enemy team to be on their toes. Her ult is easy to dodge if being cast at a distance in a wide open lane but that's not the best way to use it. I've found hitting it 2 to 3 seconds after a team fight or using it though the jungle is the best way to do it. I've gone 9 - 2 I believe since I started using her.
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User Info: xngen

5 years ago#24 her AD and carry

User Info: Slayn

5 years ago#25
I played a game with her, loved it.

Her Q is nice, it is like a Taric stun but ground target and AOE. If you hide in the brush you can usually hit one or two people, and if you have a ADC like graves it is free buckshot.

W is kinda meh in lane, good in team fights. The problem is that it has to bounce enemy-ally-enemy or ally-enemy-ally, so if you use it on your ADC to heal, it won't heal yourself like Taric or Sona, and if you use it for harass it will generally only hit 1 enemy and is mana intensive. You have to be in the thick of it. It is good in fights though as it will bounce and give your ADC some kiting potential.

E I didn't like at first, but someone mentioned that you can just use it on yourself. I always cast this on ADC and they never use it. It does the same amount of damage whoever has it, so might as well use it on yourself to harass. I imagine getting 3 attacks in a row is hard, but it does have a slow, hopefully they will just run. A taric or leona would just turn around and eat you.

R is FANTASTIC. How the hell do people dodge this? The thing is at LEAST 2x wideer than Sona ult and has insane range. I often cast it from so far away they don't see it coming. It is fun to use for those spontaneous jungle/dragon/blue buff fights on bot. Knocks enemy up, slows them, and then hastes teammates. VERY good ult. With the range, it isn't like you can flash ahead, you would have to flash to the side to dodge it.

I think she is fine. Not OMG SUPER OP support but not bad either. Just something fun to play over the same ol Taric/Sona.
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