How is Galio in the new season?

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User Info: EDumey

5 years ago#11
Not as good. He's still a fun champ and can be "Press R to win team fight" easy at some points, but the MR items aren't all that amazing right now, and resistances as a whole make him slightly underwhelming.

What are you particularly looking for? Tanky AP? Cho'Gath is a ton more fun for that.

User Info: yourDaddie

5 years ago#12
maokai mid is the best AP bruiser for mid
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User Info: Deanyzy

5 years ago#13
He's one of my favourite champions but I've yet to play him yet since the patch dropped. I imagine he's weaker then he was before though as MR is more expensive and Haunting Guise (and it's upgrade) are pretty much being built on every AP in the game.
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  3. How is Galio in the new season?

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