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User Info: LaqOfInterest

4 years ago#1
Some tips are outdated due to the Season 3 item changes or other tweaks. These tips are indicated by an asterisk (*). Some tips are also missing because of topic deletiong.

1. If you stand in tall grass, enemies won't be able to see you unless they're also in the bush or you attack.
2. Pressing the Y button allows you to unlock the camera, giving you better control over what you can see and helping immensely when playing bottom lane on the purple side.
3. So that you're able to return to lane quickly, take Boots of Speed either as your first item or on your first Recall.*
4. If you score the last hit on a minion, you get bonus gold.
5. If you plan to jungle, take Smite as one of your summoner spells to clear the jungle faster and easily secure objectives like Baron Nashor or the dragon.

6. Destroying an inhibitor causes super minions to spawn in that lane, and opens up the Nexus turrets for attack. Destroy one if you want a pushing advantage.
7. Often, the recommended items are not the best build for your champion. Instead, try purchasing a Manamune.*
8. You can actually use the Flash summoner spell to blink over walls and obstacles such as Jarvan's Cataclysm and Anivia's wall.
9. Janna hardcounters Amumu.
10. While playing a character with a spell shield, use the spell shield just before a spell hits you to shield the spell.

11. Don't play Lulu as a support. Or a top. Or a mid. Or anywhere. Lulu sucks.
12. Killing the first champion of the game gives you First Blood, which is a 100g bonus.
13. Getting multiple kills on the same enemy champion lowers the amount of gold that champion is worth. For that reason, if you see an ally chasing a champion that has 0 or few deaths, make an effort to take that kill for yourself. If an enemy is already at the minimum value of gold, try feeding them a kill. This works better if you're on a killing spree, because it also resets your gold value.
14. As Shyvana, using your ult into a wall increases your resistance to pain over time and confuses your enemies. A pro did it.
15. Pressing the B button allows you to teleport back to your base after a short cast time, which is almost always faster than walking.

16. Destroy the enemy team's Nexus to win the game.
17. Right-click to move your champion.
18. stop feeding omg noob report
19. For maximum power and utility, it's often recommended that you put one skill point into your ult at level 6, and upgrade it every 5 levels thereafter.
20. Press R to use your ultimate.

21. When you die, you spend an amount of time dead depending on your current level. Since lower levels give a lower spawn time, you should try to get killed early on in the game if you know you're going to die eventually anyway.
23. Don't have a lack of interest in the minimap; it can save your life.
24. If you have bronze rating, you're good at this game and you should feel good about yourself, LaqOfInterest. Don't let the haters bring you down. Don't listen to them. They don't know anything they don't know anything they don't know anything hate hate hate hate hatehatehatehatehate*

26. Standing in spawn (the "fountain") will restore 10% of your health and mana per tick.
27. As a support, you should throw yourself at the enemy carry as often as possible to stop him from killing your carry.
28. Typing /l or pressing Control+4 causes your champion to laugh, which can be a constructive way to irritate the enemy or your teammates. Suggested champions for this are Trundle, Lux and Lulu. Someone raging at you? Laugh at them!
29. Diamonds can be found above the eighth layer of the map. Try digging down to bedrock and then going up a few levels before you start powermining.
30. Reduce a champion's health to zero to kill them.

Please refrain from posting
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User Info: LaqOfInterest

4 years ago#2

31. Use Blitzcrank's grab to pull enemy players out of position.
32. Spend gold in the shop.
33. Type /surrender to call a surrender vote.
34. Getting killed by a minion, jungle monster or turret is called an execution, and doesn't give the enemy team any gold. For that reason, if you're ever ganked in lane, running into the enemy tower is a good strategy to escape without giving them a kill.
35. top or i feed

36. It takes a lot of effort to move like this in heels.
37. As Garen, press E to spin.
38. As Kha'Zix, you should take a point in your ultimate at levels 6, 11 and 16 to evolve.
39. As Nasus, last hit with your Q to make it more powerful.
40. As Syndra, try placing as many spheres as possible before ulting.

41. Pretend to be nice to get Honor points. Once they release the actual rewards, go back to being a jerk.*
42. In Champion Select, click on a champion to play them.

60. The Harrowing skins (for Maokai, Hecarim, Twisted Fate, Ryze, Brand and Fiora) are now available in the store! They'll only be there for a limited time, so buy them as soon as possible!*
61. Turrets lose 150 armour when enemy minions are within their sight range.
65. Towers deal increased damage with each consecutive hit.
66. Although by default Elise's spiderlings will move and attack with her, you can click on spiderlings to control them individually or click-and-drag to select several of them at once. You can then direct them to:

- Use them as wards
- Block fleeing enemies
- Split push

Just remember that they'll disappear when you re-enter human form.

100. Press E to use your E skill, unless it's passive like Teemo's.
103. As a jungler, take Hunter's Machete to help you clear jungle camps.

That concludes the series of LaqOfInterest-approved Tips of the Day. Any other alleged "tips" by other users claiming to be LaqOfInterest are unauthorized and should be followed only with caution and your own good judgement.

You may post now, and please, if you found this series helpful in the slightest, request a sticky. God knows we could use one.

As always, tune in tomorrow
- LaqOfInterest
Taric is my husbando
"hello i'm laqifunterest and you're watching dosney channel" - DarkestPanda

User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#3
This won't sticky simply for the amount of joke tips present. >_> Also absolutely no organization at all. Need a Table of Contents or something and then actually have the tips placed where they're relevant.

User Info: myg0t_stk

4 years ago#4
EDumey posted...
This won't sticky simply for the amount of joke tips present. >_> Also absolutely no organization at all. Need a Table of Contents or something and then actually have the tips placed where they're relevant.

just... no
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User Info: mantana888

4 years ago#5
61 What

65 I inspired that one :D

requesting sticky
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User Info: BowtotheTWIG

4 years ago#6
tip 11 is bad and you should feel bad
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User Info: sunfalcon9

4 years ago#7
Hilarious to see the tips getting screwy after day 14 or so

User Info: Barrenite

4 years ago#8
Thank You.

Add me.
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User Info: LaqOfInterest

4 years ago#9
"hello i'm laqifunterest and you're watching dosney channel" - DarkestPanda
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User Info: ssj98_gotenks

4 years ago#10
Thanks Doc.
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