I'm making my list and checking it twice

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User Info: Dr4dar

4 years ago#21
I'm a regular as of late :P don't expect gifts but always looking for people to play with so yea been active lately and play league if anyone wants to ass me my ign is Dradar
Mostly just wanted to say thought it was cool you doing this.
Happy Holiday leaguers

User Info: GForceDragon

4 years ago#22

Not that there's anything I really want, I just want to see if I qualify as a regular or not.
"I'm not insane." - LaqOfInterest

User Info: OwlRammer

4 years ago#23
IGN is OwlRammer

at least I think I'm a regular <_<
BlazBlue Continuum Shift - Main: Platinum Sub: Tager|OwlRammer for everything
MvC3 - Deadpool/Magneto/Spencer,X-23/Arthur/Spencer|Travian is awesome.

User Info: Xialoh

4 years ago#24
I'm....a new...regular? >_>.

I'm Xialoh pretty much everywhere if it matters, heh.
"Perhaps it's impossible to wear an identity without becoming what you pretend to be." - Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game

User Info: GHExpert123

4 years ago#25
Aww, now I wish I post here more often. :( Oh well, I guess I'll go pick up Bad Santa Veigar myself. :)
Dark Cloud 3 needs to be made already! People that agree with me: 43
Not changing my sig until Street Fighter: The Animated Series is on Netflix.

User Info: MMG_

4 years ago#26

We talked today :3

Bioforge Darius plz.

I luv u.
Y'know what? Katarina is my waifu <3

User Info: Small_appliance

4 years ago#27

Cooler than Freddie Jackson sippin' a milkshake in a snowstorm.

User Info: Patrick52Willis

4 years ago#28

I kinda count as a new Regular <_< I'm on this board all the time now.
San Francisco 49ers

User Info: Drewdadruid

4 years ago#29
From: MMG_ | #026

We talked today :3

Bioforge Darius plz.

I luv u.

lol if i already talked to you you don't gotta post in here =P
And since I'm buying people stuff i can screw up grammmmmmmar and punctiations all i want
http://i.imgur.com/aBtgt.jpg IGN: DrewDaDruid

User Info: Red_Badger_55

4 years ago#30
I'm not sure if I'm considered a regular, but I'm on here most days and post pretty often.
My IGN: 2Graves

edit: sorry I forgot to say. Anything would be great but a Sejuani skin would be awesome, that pig rider needs some love.

double edit: for the record I've never posted my IGN here or played with any Gamefaqs kids (knowingly anyway)
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