Malz counters teemo?

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User Info: happyscrub1

5 years ago#1
I just had to top as malz because our solo top cho was too scared... so we lane switched.

I pretty much pushed and push and pushed.... He'll get hit by my E jumping from minions sometimes. If he dared get close to me, I'll E him, which seem to do more damage than what he did (Plus sometimes my voidling would chase him around like crazy). I also had spellvamp quints and just shrugged off any damage he did to me.

After I killed him once, I got wards to where I was ungankable nearly. I was top and I warded near baron and in tri bush behind tower. After I killed him 2 times, I got a sightstone and then a ruby crystal. I pushed all the way to the tower before inhib >.>

I was doing troll crazy stuff like pretending I was gone and then flash ult over wall lol. 5/2/0 and I never left top lane all game.
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User Info: zynnk

5 years ago#2
broodmother is that you
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User Info: MishimaBlood

5 years ago#3
Teemo gets owned by every single AP champ,not only malz.

User Info: Trevorkkho

5 years ago#4
more like ownt by any caster. Blind does nothing against them and burst > poison, not to mention they usually come with ranged and CC.
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