Which AD carries aren't tank dependant?

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  3. Which AD carries aren't tank dependant?

User Info: rich91

5 years ago#1
My favourite is kogmaw but I realise he really requires some CC or will just get dived. Who is good at carrying with out cc? I'm thinking of buying vayne, and I think trist's escape is pretty reliable
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User Info: redkiller910

5 years ago#2
All of them.

Really, as an ADC, you can put yourself in positions to 1v5 their entire team. I've done it plenty of times.

The worst, for what you want, are those without dash moves though. So Ashe, MF, etc. are all people you shouldn't consider. Though I'm sure you already own Ashe.
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User Info: G0dSlay3r

5 years ago#3
The only correct answer is Ezreal.

You're basically untargetable during his E and you can use it during certain moves, like when you're pulled by a Blitz.
You can literally just E out of Blitz's pull and it cannot be interrupted.

On the other hand, Tristana's jump, Corki's Valkyrie and Vayne's tumble don't make you untargetable. You can still be hit by skills and CC during them.

User Info: Hydreigoon

5 years ago#4
Graves is a good pick, he usually beats the crap out of most ADCs because of his AD Caster nature. I remember when Graves was free Elo
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User Info: Gainazzo

5 years ago#5
I think top 3 is Ez, Trist, Cait.

Bottom tier Varus, Kog.

User Info: _HeX

5 years ago#6
Tristana is pretty safe, long range and a rocket jump + flash ensures you'll get out of most situations. Combine with cleanse and gg
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User Info: Viewtiful_Jon

5 years ago#7
Vayne is the only ADC that I personally find hard to chase down. even a team with a few people in will struggle to catch her whilst she is running and probally even getting some attacks in.

User Info: Covenant

5 years ago#8
Ezreal and Graves.

Ezreal is slippery, Graves can pretty much just unload on an assassin that jumps in his face and take them out.

User Info: Black_Assassin

5 years ago#9
Vayne has a reposition move on a 2 second cooldown (plus stealth) and a knockback/stun.

User Info: Zjakz

5 years ago#10
Black_Assassin posted...
Vayne has a reposition move on a 2 second cooldown (plus stealth) and a knockback/stun.

definitely vayne
once you get to the point where you can 3 shot people you can 1v5 no problem
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  3. Which AD carries aren't tank dependant?

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