The most satisfying sound in the game?

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User Info: ParaSpartan

4 years ago#61
The sound of a cross-map Ashe arrow royally screwing the enemy top laner and letting you jump in for the easy, unfair, 1 vs 1 kill.
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User Info: KirynTheCleric

4 years ago#62
kourkour posted...
DEMACIA from either of the two big strong demacians.

What about Lux? She shouts "Demacia" too. :<

On that note, Lux's ult sound. It just sounds so cool to me.
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User Info: PornHandRAWR

4 years ago#63
Tied between Viktor's "TRUE POWER" or Annies death animation... damn gurl
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User Info: yourDaddie

4 years ago#64
Lux laugh
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User Info: mutation10101

4 years ago#65
Lux's laugh.
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User Info: hawkeye2188

4 years ago#66
Triple Kill, I don't know why just the way she voices it and the excitement she has in her voice.
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User Info: oxnerd

4 years ago#67
Nid spear. Especially getting someone in the bush.

User Info: Gamesmaster100

4 years ago#68

Shame I've onl;y had it once for myself.

User Info: Frosted_Midna

4 years ago#69
saborzero posted...
the sound of katarina's skills refreshing after a kill/assist
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User Info: Exilious

4 years ago#70
Annie's screams of terror as she is brought down simultaneously by Gangplank's parley, Miss Fourtune's Bullet Time, and a round of slugs from Graves' gun.
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