The last champion you played...

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User Info: ShadowD00m

5 years ago#31
So a male Anivia, um i'm not sure what would even happen but i'm a little scared none the less.
Gamer Tag: Ultimated00m

User Info: Reikken

5 years ago#32
Male Lux
I'd get him to laugh, and then decide from there
Capitalism, ho!

User Info: Zinle_san

5 years ago#33
F**king ARAM and Urgot!!! >_<
I'm here to ruin your day - sir, yes sir!!

User Info: TwilightKing13

5 years ago#34
Male, masculine Nidalee. Bestiality has never been sexier.
"It's like my brain has a mind of it's own!"~Sokka
~~Twilight King~~

User Info: ChainsawSpyder

5 years ago#35
Male Cassiopeia..

I have to say I'm intrigued..

User Info: rphx

5 years ago#36
A female Varus...she might be hot...and naked. :D
I'm ok with this.

User Info: xEvoker

5 years ago#37
male ahri wut
LoL IGN: Evoker

User Info: Hitomoshi

5 years ago#38
Female Corki?
Hitomoshi|| Welcome to the internet, if you are female, be prepared to present proof- Jables
hmm no clue... that's a good idea

User Info: Icecreamdunwich

5 years ago#39
Female Heimy, oh bby
kharn the betrayer 5 years ago#40
female christmas tree maokai? wat
white FC:1936 0013 2567
white 2 FC:3268 2903 6105
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